New blog logo

I just put up the new blog header for Monster Hunter Nation.  The design is courtesy of Justin from The High Road.  I think it looks good, and suits my personality.  

The happy face is from the cover of my upcoming novel, Monster Hunter International.  It is the MHI company patch. 

So what do you think?  Comments? 

8 Responses

  1. Personally it reminds me of cheesy B-movies from the 50’s and 60’s…


    You know your not allowed to tease us though, you gotta get that book on order for us!

  2. Not bad at all. I want one of those patches.

  3. Looks good, I wouldn’t mind a t-shirt.

  4. You should definately sell MHI patches.

    I’d definately try and do a MHI “loadout” for Airsoft (not allowed real here in UK, sadly).

  5. Looks great, man! STILL want a bunch of those patches!

  6. Looks great. I’ll take a couple t-shirts… one LX short sleave and one XL Long sleave.

  7. That patch would look cool on my NRA Jacket.

  8. Good work, Justin.

    Yeah, I’ll need the book, a couple of patches and a hat…

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