Saiga Mags have been mailed


Here are some pictures of what we did the day before Thanksgiving.  There are the piles of packages, at the office, and then at the post office.  I actually mailed about 300 packages.   All back ordered magazines have been shipped.   

The thousand people standing in line behind me were really happy.  Luckily nobody threw a cinder block through my truck window, or slashed my tires, but you could tell they were thinking about it. 

 Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. […] All back ordered Saiga mags have been shipped 24 11 2007 We shipped several hundred packages the day before Thanksgiving.  So if you had ordered as of about a week ago, it has gone out.  There are pictures of the pile here: […]

  2. A joyous sight to start the season right!

  3. Congrats, I know that is a load off- literally 🙂

  4. Cool! Hopefully mine will be here soon. If it turns out as good as it probably will, I’ll be ordering a few more!

  5. Hey Larry, mines not here yet. What rate did you mail them?!?!

  6. I sent them priority. You should have gotten yours by now if yours was one of the backordered ones. If it was ordered in the last two weeks, I mailed it yesterday. Call me at the shop, 801-571-1160, and we can pull your delievery confirmation.

  7. Will do. Oh! I’ll send you the confirmation from my gmail. That will have a date on it. I haven’t gotten my stocks from Krebs either, and they were supposedly mailed back in October! Flippin’ hell, I’m wondering if my stuff is being pilfered!

  8. Sent it by gmail just a minute ago. This is going beyond insane.

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