CZ Group Buy – Going on now

I’m putting in a large order this month to become a CZ stocking dealer. This is a great chance for you to get in on any CZ firearm at a killer price.

This is applicable to any CZ pistol, rifle, or shotgun, and that includes the new VZ58. (EDIT: This also includes anything from Dan Wesson) Take a look at their webpage, pick which model you are interested and either PM me on THR, or e-mail me at for a quote.

This group buy is going to go quick. I plan on leaving this open until Thursday the 21st of February. I will cut it off sooner if I get a sufficient number of orders before that. I will turn the order into CZ immediatly after that. Shipping times will be wholly dependant upon what CZ has in stock, and when they ship the guns to me.

I’ve done about a dozen group buys now. You can check our record. We always give great service and have really good prices.

8 Responses

  1. Hi Larry,
    Sounds great! How much would a 97 B cost?

    Darrell Mason
    Colorado Springs CO

  2. Oh, and I just have to ask, how much for a Vz 58 military sporter, and additional magazines?

    Thanks again!
    Darrell Mason

  3. How much for a 12ga Woodcock O/U?

  4. Larry,

    Looking for a price on a CZ527 in 7.62×39. Gonna turn it into a 6.5 Grendal.


  5. Ok, I’m looking for a CZ-83 in .380 ACP, satin Nickel, preferably with polygonal rifling, but I’d take the Makarov caliber version if that’s what it takes to get polygons.


  6. Hello Larry!
    Found out about this offer at Chris Byrne’s site, Anarchangel.

    Just wanted to ask about the Dan Wesson Pointman 7’s…. Would you be able to email a purchase price?



  7. Man…all the cool deals are done and over with by the time I get to them.
    I want me a P-01. 😦

  8. Any plans on another group buy? Looking for a Pointman 7.

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