Pictures of the new store


The custom AK wall.  You see it, we can build it.  Examples of almost every AK ever made.


The wall on the right is custom ARs.  We build a lot of custom ARs.  On the side are the big belt feds and the .50s.  All those white boxes are cases of ammo.


What?  Your local gun store doesn’t have recoiless rifles?  You can’t see them, but under the stairs are our RPG and rocket launcher collection. 


We do a full line of tactical clothing and armor.   

My blog page is too skinny to show the whole picture without resizing, so click on these pics for the full awesomeness. 

The official grand opening is on Monday, but we will be here all day Saturday, so drop by and see us.  We’re pretty much done, and we’re just organizing and getting everything pretty.   So come by and see us.

24 Responses

  1. That’s one awesome store you got there.

  2. Holy crap! I’ll have to get down there sometime soon.

  3. My god, that’s beautiful. That launcher is too short to be a SPG-9? What is it?

  4. THAT is what a gun store is SUPPOSED to look like. Very good job, guys.

    If I’m ever in the area, I’ll make sure to stop by.

  5. Are they gonna let you put your MHI poster up? Or do you need a bigger one? That’s a LOT of wall space…

  6. […] That’s a lot of AKs. […]

  7. Are you absolutely SURE you have enough AKs and recoilless rifles on that wall?

    Seriously, I’m going to make it a point to stop by and salivate in person if I’m ever in that part of the country.

  8. Just wondering out loud here: since all of those AKs aren’t behind a counter, how are you planning on preventing the sticky-fingered from absconding with one?

  9. Y’know, there are days when I truly HATE living in the People’s Republik of Massachusetts.

    Usually every time I see what a gun store looks like in a FREE state.

  10. Walls full of AKs and ARs, with belt feed MGs on the side.

    It must be nice to work in heaven.

    (Wipes drool off keyboard.)

  11. Store looks awesome I am going to try & come down Thursday or Friday to check it out.

  12. Oooooooh.

    Road trip!

  13. Man…. I wish I lived near UT.

  14. Okay, NOW I have my summer trip destination selected. I had thought of many possibles, but you’ve settled it. As above, wipes drool off keyboard.

  15. Where is the store located?
    Thanks, GFW

  16. Rob a gun store? What a dumb idea. Even criminals aren’t that stupid, mostly. Imagine someone trying to stick up a store in which every employee and most of the legitimate customers are carrying concealed, and go to the range every week!

  17. .

    I hope lots of liberals see this store then promptly die of a heart attack.


  18. John, I’m almost certain it’s a US M18A1 57mm.. Now the real question is, Is it for sale, how much, and does he have ammo for it?(57 is the hardest to find ammo for – Destiny Densley of the Impactguns forums has one, and chronicled her exploits trying to acquire ammo and the missing bits and pieces).

  19. I want…I want…I want!

    Why wasn’t I born rich?

    I want…I want

  20. Well, how did it go?

  21. Hey Larry…. Do you have any 57mm Recoilless Ammunition ? Hehe…. okay something you should have…. what about ALS Pocket CS Grenades ? The ALS-278’s ? I need some for the Monsters outside.


  22. So where is this store? I wanna’ visit! Need any gas operated .50BMG semiautos? Got a whole new line of them coming out, for half the price of the “other” brand. E-mail me with contact info. Ed.

  23. Working in a gun store is one of my dream jobs…..
    I want to move to Utah now.

  24. I want to live there…god bless NRA & fu** gun laws

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