The most awesome product ever! THE BELT SWORD!

This product is made of awesome. 

Note, I probably wouldn’t watch the demo videos at work if they have unreasonable hangups about topless women pulling swords out of their belts.  No, I didn’t just make that up. 


19 Responses

  1. I’m eagerly awaiting your field test and review.

  2. Kinda cool, I guess. But seriously: “Deployment is faster than a handgun …” Right.

    Also, near as I can tell, the larger your waist the more RazorSwords you have to buy? Three at a minimum? What is that all about?


  3. You’re not allowed to buy one of those. There’ll be bleeding. A lot of bleeding. And it’ll end up with your three-year-old chasing you around the house with it.

  4. Actually, Larry, it looks like I’ll be testing one of these in a few weeks. Really.

    But not in my underwear.


  5. Does the sword come with the girl…did I just say that?

  6. So … you walk around with a couple feet of razor edged spring steel coiled around your midriff?

    I see a self-evisceration waiting to happen. I wonder how the model avoided training injuries …

    I don’t tink so, Lucy!

  7. OK … looking at the site, it looks like the system avoids releasing the sword in any direction but a forward draw …. would probably work great with a kilt.

    I can just imagine this toy and the Matrix metal detector wand scene …

  8. […] round out today’s collection of things that are both useless and awesome, I present without further comment, the BELT SWORD (capslock has to be used when speaking of the BELT SWORD so that people understand how fearsome a […]

  9. Larry, I don’t know which is better, this or the Mall Ninja guy that I saw today.

  10. Ooops, should have read the “not safe for work” warning

  11. OK, I never saw a sword…… 🙂

  12. Those are the cheapest looking hair extensions I’ve ever seen…

  13. This thing looks ridiculous. I rather dress up as a New York Yankee and carry a Louisville Slugger.

  14. I think I’m putting one of these in the next movie. 😀 “Hey Jack! Look what I found for you!”

  15. RazorRazor, LLC is in the process of making up several BeltSword Weapon Systems to be sent to Special Forces in Afghanistan.

    Certain new requirement will need to be met to adapt to their Rigging Belts.

    The current medium weight RazorSword can easily cut through bone; but they are not thrusting weapons. We have a new heavy weight RazorSword that will be capable of thrusting through a human torso and cutting through bone. Again this new 33-35 inch RazorSword is totally concealed in the BeltSword containment system and deployment is lightening fast.

    If anyone doubts the statements made here today; please e-mail me at and we can arrange a large monetary bet / wager as to the facts. Bring it on!!!

    Respectfully, RazorMan

  16. any sale that needs boobs MMMMM ya right ,makes one doubt the product. plus in almost all states just carrying this is an immediate felony go to jail for many ,many lawer is going to win.—(mm perhaps a concealed weapons permit?? would work)–but dam nice boobs.–

  17. how come this site is always so fucked up and not working???/

  18. It seeeeems to be effective once you master it, but i have not seen any footage where a person has it on and takes it off faster than a gun?

  19. Dondi, Curt actually out-drew me (me with a holstered handgun, he with the belt sword) when I tested it in 2008.

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