The FBMG webpage is finally UP!

It is up and running.  We’re still posting products and tweaking.  We still have like 8,000 pictures to post.  But the page is good to go. 

Fellow bloggers, do me a favor and spread the word, if you don’t mind.  My company webpage has been down for so long that people were starting to think that we’d gone out of business.  It was getting a little exasperating to complete a move into a building that was literally ten times bigger than our old store, only to have the word on the interwebs being that we were obviously defunct because our webpage was toast.  That’s the problem when you’ve got a company full of gun fanatics who’s idea of how to fix computers usually involves Tannerite charges. 

If you’ve got any comments or feedback, let me know and I’ll pass it along to the guy that’s spearheading this beast.

Our new page is crosslinked directly to our largest suppliers, so we can access thousands of products.  This is going to be sweet.

8 Responses

  1. Done.

    I need to get my business card out more since I’m a web developer and I know guns, therefor I’m suited to helping you guys out!

    If you know any other store owners that might want an online presence, lemme know. I’m always looking for work!

  2. Just now up and already 403 Forbidden: Weapons by my company.

  3. Done deal. My tens of readers will be checking the site out soon. =)

  4. I’m a graphics-guy and user interface designer, and I give the web-page a big THUMBS UP! 🙂

  5. You are up in my blogroll so the three visitors can enjoy your offerings

  6. One minor detail. I tried to log in to the store site and it told me I don’t have an account. I’m signed in HERE, why can’t I get in there? But, yeah the site rocks other than that.

  7. This blog isn’t related to the FBMG page. I use the free WordPress service for blogging.

  8. That’s okay. I used my old FBMG password, it still didn’t recognize me. So I started a new account, cut/pasted my old password, and it should be good after it gets re-activated.

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