You are more likely to get shot in Chicago than Iraq

No, seriously,

So why exactly is it that another assault weapons ban is going to make us all safer?  Last time I checked, everybody in Iraq is armed.  Obama can pay lip service to honoring the 2nd Amendment all he wants, but he picked the guy who actually wrote the original assault weapons ban as his running mate.

2 Responses

  1. That makes for a good headline, but if you look at the news story, it’s 125 shot dead in Chicago versus 65 American soldiers killed in Iraq. A more accurate comparison would be the number of police officers killed in Chicago versus the number of American soldiers killed in Iraq. Or the number of total people killed in Iraq versus Chicago.

    Not that Chicago and its gun laws aren’t entirely useless at combating crime; I just take issue with sensationalist comparisons.

  2. By the amount of murders taking place I’d say there are not many cops out patrolling streets so police officers’ deaths must be an all time low.

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