Further proof of the why the government shouldn’t screw around with business

Here is a great article about how FDR made the Great Depression worse.


I know that goes against typical liberal dogma about how capitalism sucks and how only the government can save us. As I was growing up, I listened to my Grandpa talk about FDR. He hated the man. My Grandpa was a self-employed farmer from a long line of farmers. He also understood math. 

My Grandpa’s most hated social program of that time was the WPA, which if I recall correctly was Works Projects Administration. Grandpa Joe always said that it stood for We Poke Along.  Basically take a bunch of people without jobs and then have the government randomly pay them to do something. According to my Grandpa, the work was usually unnesscary, and anybody with any ambition bailed as soon as they could, leaving a bunch of slackers to sit around, drink, and get tax money. I’m sure Barack’s Paid Volunteer programs will be similar.

4 Responses

  1. Agreed! The “New Deal” was the old deal that every government tries to sell. Give up your Rights and we will take care of everything, you wont ever have to think, except for what we tell you think. Thank God that most of FDR’s garbage was ruled unconstitutional. I worry that today’s judges wouldn’t be willing to stand up to the Marxist if he gets in since the idea of a living constitution conveniently lets the misinterpret it any way they please.

  2. The “New Deal” is a form of socialism. FDR Was a socialist. No getting around that fact.

  3. Of course, as government boondoggles go, “Skyline Drive” is pretty sweet if you own a bike or a sportscar…

  4. Read The Forgotten Man by Amity Shlaes….for those that want to dink around with adding to the Government to muck with the economy, I think it gives a pretty good perspective. Unfortunately, those in our Senate, House, and the 2 Promise Makers running — and the one I’m afraid is going to win — probably will say BUT THAT WAS THEN, THIS IS NOW and proceed with screwing the Forgotten Man.

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