MHI on Amazon

I posted last night that Monster Hunter International is now available for preorder on Amazon.

Right now I’m #12,373 on the bestseller list. Not bad for one day! I’m already ranked higher than a bunch of other preorder books from much more famous authors. I want to get this Baen version ranked higher than the POD version was before it is even released.

Thanks for spreading the word guys. It is much appreciated.

EDIT: #9,331 on 12/1/08 in the morning.  Getting closer.

EDIT AGAIN: #6,498 on 12/1/08 after lunch.

EDIT HOLY CRAP! 12/3/08 12:00 Sales Rank: #4,642 in Books

That is now higher than the POD version achieved.

15 Responses

  1. 10,679 now!

  2. #8,877 at 1900 EST

  3. […] Correia gave a shout-out about the Baen edition of Monster Hunter International. Right now it’s sales rank is around 7.5K, and at one point last night it was at […]

  4. #7,959 on Dec 3rd

  5. #4,642 at 1100PST 03DEC08

  6. #4635 at 15:13PST 03DEC08.

    You’re THE MAN!

  7. I’m in…

  8. What Do Customers Ultimately Buy After Viewing This Item?
    Monster Hunter International
    91% buy the item featured on this page:
    Monster Hunter International

  9. Larry, we know a good book when we see one… and most of us need extra copies to turn other folks on to your writing.

    Better get cracking on MHI 2 & 3, guy…

  10. Well, I’m ready to proof #2… And if we don’t see it soon, Jenny’s going to turn into something that would scare both Earl and Franks…. She sez “write faster, or… grrr arggh chew…!”

  11. Larry,

    How about an Amazon Kindle edition of your new book. I’d buy that in a heartbeat!

  12. Jay, Since this new version is coming out from Baen there should be an eBook version coming out from at the same time for 5$ or 15$ for a bundle of all the new books that month from Baen.

    And Arnold, the webmaster there, has recently added a “email this ebook to my Kindle” feature to the webscriptions site if you don’t want to mess with loading it manually.

    Baen has been doing the cheap, no DRM, unlimted download, multi format, free sample chapters, ebook thing since _Dec 1999_ for every book they print (except for a very few older titles getting reprints where they can’t get electronic rights from the estate of the author) and are doing very well at it. Heck we the readers had to convince Jim Baen to RAISE the price on the monthly bundles since we thought he wasn’t charging enough! (really, look at the early month’s bundles at 10$ and then they swapped to 15$, that was at customer demand!) And the authors do very well from the ebooks since Baen passes on the production and distribution savings by paying much higher royalty rates on the ebooks vs the standard royalty rates for paper books.

    There is a reason that other smaller presses have already started epublishing through (technically a separate company that Baen just has a long term contract and very close relations with) and Tor books is currently in the final stages of the negotiations (upper management at the parent company of Tor pulled the plug a couple times but it looks like it will go live this time) Webscriptions is a system that WORKS and treats the customer right.


    ps. Did I mention the 100+ totally free books they have up in the Free Library?

  13. Original edition now available for only $842:

    Must be really popular in Germany.

  14. Thomas, that is a great comment, thanks for the info.

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