Coming soon, B movie awesomeness

Okay, so you’ve got a zombie movie, starring Cuba Gooding Jr., Ron “The Man” Perlman, and Henry Rollins as a friggin’ priest? That has classic written all over it. Ron Perlman is the high mackdaddy of all monster movies. Anything with Ron Perlman in it is already cool. Add Henry Rollins, and I’m down with this one.

4 Responses

  1. Holy bajebus, that is going to be freaking awsome! 🙂

  2. Dear mother of mercy…It looks like ” The Punisher” So bad its awesome !

    But there is more Ron Pearlman B-movie goodness at this link there boss man

  3. Went there, looked, bookmarked! Excellent!

  4. Yessir, that Devils Tomb WILL ROCK!

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