Just finished up the interview with Gun Nuts Media


Just finished the interview. 40 minutes flew by. I had a great time and lots of folks called in. Caleb and Breda http://thebredafallacy.blogspot.com/ were awesome. Yep, I’d do that any time.

I even got to talk to folks that I know online, from here, the forums, and on FB, and coolest of all, I got to actually talk to Lawdog. I’ve known him since the dawn of TFL in… I want to say like 1995 or so. I’ve probably talked to him 4,000 times online and that was the first time I’d actually heard his voice. Man, the internet is wild.

The first caller was Dave, my old buddy, who was wondering when I was going to go shoot some 3gun again now that I’m a famous author. Well, if the royaty checks are really good, I might be able to buy half a case of 5.56!  

You can download the interview. Let me know what you think.

12 Responses

  1. Total win, Larry. Total win.

    This was the biggest night ever in the Gun Nuts chatroom, which is always hoppin’.

    I hope that tells you something…

  2. What a great show and a fantastic interview! Sorry, I can’t help the fangirl gushing sometimes. 😀

  3. Great show, Larry. I am anxiously waiting for my Amazon order to arrive. Keep it up!


  4. I only caught the last thirty minutes, but the interview was great. Lots of fun and high energy.

    It was cool to hear Lawdog’s voice. I’ve been laughing my butt off to the stories on his blog as I’ve been reading through them for the last few months. He didn’t sound anything like I thought he would.

  5. Indeed a great interview. I had you pegged for somewhat more serious (and older voice, don’t ask me why) but it was a riot of an interview. And I want to take the opportunity to salute wives of shooters that are patient enough to deal with us and our ways. My wife has kicked me out of the house and sent me shooting as therapeutic value…. but I think it is mostly for hers.

  6. LawDog’s called in at least three times now. Ya wanna hear him get worked up, listen to the episode where they discuss what’s wrong with the government. Might have been the 7/07 episode.

  7. Downloaded the program (and even listened to it 🙂
    Your interview was terrific, and hit all the high points of your experiences. Keep up the good work of spreading your ideas.

  8. 1: What was the line from Lawdog that inspired MHI? (Or do we have to go search the archives?)

    2: What caliber for werewolves? (Loup Garou looks like it may take Metalstorm tanks ala Ringo to do the job properly.)

    Great book. Great interview. 40 minutes went by FAST!

  9. Murgy, that was a post I did over at The Firing Line a long time ago. I reposted it here later:

    Hope that helps.


  10. The purpose of the huge skyward pointing gatling gun in that photo in Iraq is to shoot incoming mortar rounds and atty rounds out of the sky.

    A pretty cool bit of gear … damned big and heavy, though. Rides on a trailer the size of a railroad flatcar.

  11. Heh. He said, “Royalty Checks!”

  12. You should kick Caleb out and co-host with the Breda!!!

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