VOTE NOW! Monster Hunter International PATCH CONTEST!!!

The entries are in, and now it is time to vote.

Go here to view the patches!

Please post to the comments in this thread which patch you think should become part of the official MHI universe and get a cameo in the second MHI book, Monster Hunter Vendetta. (coming Fall 2010 from Baen).

We have 47 entries.  Please post the name of the patch in the comments. Please only vote once. We authors are easily confused.  Please, tell your friends, post it to your blog, spam the intertubes. (sell more books!) Whoops. That last one was subliminal. 

I will leave this open for this week. At the end of the week I’ll count up the votes, figure out the winner and announce it here.

203 Responses

  1. Utah County – Werewolf toting subgun is a tribute to Earl Harbinger’s dedication to eradicating evil in our world.

  2. Utah County.

  3. Exite! Chemicus Sum!

    Because I love radioactivity!

  4. Salt Lake City Avengin’ Angels

  5. Utah County!

  6. Uh… Northeast Bloggers, of course!

    Die, teddy, die!

  7. St. Mary’s

    I’ve been to St. Mary’s County (Assuming that patch is from St. Mary’s County, Maryland) and there are plenty of monsters there. I’m pretty sure my ex girlfriend’s dad howls at the full moon.

  8. Arizona Rangers.

  9. The Bloody Bun

  10. Man there’s some great stuff!
    I’ll have to go with Team Talon (with special props to Italia & Chanute)

  11. Utah County!

  12. Arkham

  13. Utah County!!!!

  14. Utah County, of course!

  15. I vote for the Arizona Rangers. Honorable mention to TALON and Black Mesa.

  16. Gotta go with TALON.

  17. Vote Talon!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Dallas
    honorable mention to TALON

  19. NorCal – The Bloody Bun

  20. Hollywood Hunters

  21. Arkham

  22. Gotta back my buddy Jay G and the Northeast Bloggers!

  23. Chanute Kansas

  24. I vote for Exite! Chemicus Sum!

  25. Chanute KS, I hated those damn flying monkeys in the Wizard of Oz.

  26. Utah County

  27. Oregon, of course.

    Self-vote FTW?

  28. Exite! Chemicus Sum! (For those who didn’t go read the back story, that’d be Latin for “Back off man. I’m a scientist.”)

  29. Texas, Adepto Is Perfectus

  30. Exite! Chemicus Sum!

    Fighting monsters, with Science!

  31. Texas Poison Bite

  32. Utah County

  33. Arizona Rangers!

  34. Woop Woop!! big up to Utah!

  35. Texas Poison Bite, although Utah County may represent the book best.

  36. Talon gets my vote

  37. Utah County

  38. Utah County!

  39. Exite! Chemicus Sum!

    Because all problems can be solved with copious amounts of tritium boosted fission.

  40. An entirely biased vote for the Los Alamos patch.

  41. Exite! Chemicus Sum!

  42. “Exite! Chemicus Sum!”

  43. Exite! Chemicus Sum!

  44. NorCal – The Bloody Bun

  45. Dallas

  46. Excite! Chemicus Sum!

  47. Utah County

    good luck!

  48. Utah County

  49. Honorable mentions to the Bloody Bun and the Armadillo, but my vote goes to “Excite! Chemicus Sum!” — almost solely for the backstory, which made me giggle.

  50. Oregon Sasquatch


  51. GA Skull

  52. One biased vote for Arkham.

  53. Exite! Chemicus Sum!

  54. Exite! Chemicus Sum!

    But not by much. There was alot of great entries!

  55. Eastern TN
    “… we nuke..”

  56. Eastern TN.

    W00t for voting for myself… And thanks, Hugh, for keeping me from being the only E.TN vote! 🙂

  57. Lake Elsinore CA

    Well done!

  58. Eastern TN.

  59. Exite! Chemicus Sum!

    If for no other reason than Science + Monsters + Wierdness + Latin is a traditional combination 🙂

  60. NorCal – The Bloody Bun

    Looks cool and it’s the home team!

  61. Utah County

  62. Utah County

  63. Utah County

  64. Utah County

  65. Utah County

  66. only one Louisiana patch? My vote is for taLon

  67. TALON!

  68. Oregon Sasquatch – giving the world the finger!

  69. Exite! Chemicus Sum!

  70. Exite! Chemicus Sum!

  71. Excite! Chemicus sum! Gotta support the nerds.

  72. I got to go with Texas Poisen Bite Me.

    Honorable mention to Chanute Kansas, Italia, Talon and Utah County to name a few.
    I can’t believe I voted for a Texan team….

  73. Exite! Chemicus Sum!

  74. Exite! Chemicus Sum!

  75. Exite! Chemicus Sum!

  76. Exite! Chemicus Sum!

  77. Exite! Chemicus Sum!

  78. Utah County–we vot for geeks!

  79. Exite! Chemicus Sum!

    Because I’m afraid.

  80. Chanute Kansas! I’m at Ft. Riley, and nobody likes flying monkeys!

  81. Okies for TALON!

  82. Kentucy Skull Hunters.

    And that was tough, ’cause the Georgia Skull Crackers, and Exite! Chemicus Sum! are sweet.

  83. Chanute Kansas

    Damn, that one was good.

  84. Labrat!

    I mean, Exite!


  85. NorCal – The Bloody Bun

    I like clean patches, I guess. Reminds me of the bunny in Holy Grail.

  86. Of course, I’m going to vote for my own:

    Chanute, Kansas!

  87. Utah County all the way, what’s better than a Werewolf toting a machine gun?

  88. Chanute Kansas

  89. Northeast Gunbloggers, because those Teddy Bears won’t just kill themselves …

  90. Self vote for Crushing Evil in the South the weak-ass SC patch!

  91. Exite! Chemicus Sum.

    But I’d give Kansas second

  92. Texas (that’s Latin for Get ‘Er Done)

  93. Utah County

  94. Utah County!

  95. Utah County

  96. Utah County!

  97. Go Utah County!!

  98. Utah County for sure!

  99. Utah County

  100. Utah County, love it!

  101. Utah County

  102. Go Eric, Utah County!

  103. Utah County

  104. Utah County!

  105. Exite! Chemicus Sum!

  106. Exite! Chemicus Sum! because we all know scientists are the most dangerous Hunters of all. 😛


  108. Utah County – love the werewolf!

  109. Utah Co gets my vote

  110. Utah County, all the way!

  111. Kentucy Skull Hunters.

  112. Utah County

  113. Miami, werewolf howling at the moon has my vote.

  114. Utah County!

  115. TALON all the way

  116. I have to go with the Middle TN Death Angels, due to a regional bias. (I live about 40 miles north of Nashville) Black Mesa was awfully tempting, though.

  117. Chanute Kansas

  118. Vote for the Skull Crackers – awesome design!

  119. Cast my vote for the Los Alamos patch by the Atomic Nerds.

  120. UTAH COUNTY!!!!

  121. Arizona Rangers has my vote

  122. Utah County! Go little bro!

  123. Back off, man! It’s gotta be Los Alamos!

  124. Monster Hunter Los Alamos, Exite! Chemicus Sum!

  125. California’s…Sometimes you have to use wolves to protect sheep

  126. Utah County – good luck!

  127. Good job Eric, Utah County!


  129. utah county, please

  130. U T A H C O U N T Y A L L T H E W A Y ! ! !

  131. Exite! Chemicus Sum!

    Go Team Nerd!

  132. Oregon Sasquatch.

  133. Exite! Chemicus Sum!

  134. Utah County

  135. Kentucky you all!

  136. I vote for the Arizona Rangers patch.

    To me, all the ones that actually spell out the company name, or even anything that is too clear of an indication of what it’s about, miss the point that this is a patch that someone is supposed to be able to wear in public among people that have no clue about the nature of the business.

    Which is actually very common among military patches.

    Just look at the original MHI patch for guidance on something that gets around the obvious.

    Even the Arizona one is pushing it, IMHO, but since the public will just see coyote heads when they look at it, it works.

  137. utah county

  138. Utah county, of course.

  139. Arizona Rangers

    Because Arizona is Perfection, NM is whats left over, UT is what he couldn’t use for anything worthwhile and CO was and is totally worthless. 🙂
    (Don’t get me started on Texas!)

  140. Utah county.

  141. Utah County, please.

  142. Sorry Stingray and LabRat, I know it makes me a bad native son of New Mexico, but I have to vote for Arkham, MA.

  143. Chanute Kansas


  144. Exite! Chemicus Sum!

  145. Utah County

  146. Arkham, MA.

  147. Exite! Chemicus Sum!

  148. Exite! Chemicus Sum!

  149. Georgia Skull Crackers – 1st

    Arizona Rangers & Arkham, Ma – 2nd, with the colors muted to olive military shades.

    Texas Poisen Bite – 3rd

    Lake Elsinore, Ca – 4th, awesome design, but needs to not spell out Monster Hunter International.

    Honorable Mention to: St. Mary’s County Hellslayers, No Cal – The Bloody Run, Central Utah Beehive Militia, Montana Headhunters, Dugway Proving Grounds Response Team and The California MHI Team.

    Liked A Lot of the other ones too.

  150. There can be only one:
    Monster Hunter Los Alamos, Exite! Chemicus Sum!

  151. Exite! Chemicus Sum!

  152. […] Patch contest Posted on September 4, 2009 by Caleb Today is the last day to vote in the MHI Patch Contest, so haul yourself over to the link and vote for LabRat and Stingray’s contribution: Exite! […]

  153. Exite! Chemicus Sum!

  154. South Africa
    it is Monster Hunter INTERNATIONAL

  155. […] Blog Title Home About Me Contact RSS Login << Kind of like being emo before emo was cool | Home Go. Vote. Now. For the Atomic Nerds' MHI patch. […]

  156. Exite! Chemicus Sum!

  157. Chanute Kansas
    Dorothy showing excellent skeet form and perfect smirk.
    And those divine ruby slippers simply MAKE the outfit.
    Would have voted for my own but if I can’t produce a proper patch I don’t deserve to win. Damn digital technology. Gonna go wind up the Victrola and listen to some John McCormack 78s.

  158. This was a tough choice, but I think that I’ll go for professional loyalty over location loyalty.

    1. Excite! Chemicus Sum!
    2. Arizona Rangers

    Still very close vote for me. Kudos to all who designed these patches.

  159. “Exite! Chemicus Sum!”


  161. I liked Utah County best

  162. Utah County

  163. Italy.

    That patch kicked an awful lot of (harpy) ass.

  164. Gun totin’ werewolf, heck yeah, Utah County!

  165. Exite! Chemicus Sum!

    Lotsa good ones, though. Good work, people.

  166. […] type “Exite! Chemicus Sum!” in the comments here to cast a vote. Just do it […]

  167. Exite! Chemicus Sum!

    Although Dorothy with her over-under was a close second.

  168. Exite! Chemicus Sum!

  169. Utah County!!

  170. utah county

  171. Utah County!!!

  172. Utah County, definitely!

  173. Utah County

  174. Exite! Chemicus Sum!

    …Um, I first tried to vote in the “lookit the patches here” thread. Cos sometimes I am a spacecase.

  175. Exite! Chemicus Sum!

  176. Exite! Chemicus Sum!

  177. Exite! Chemicus Sum!

    You’ve just gotta love that!

  178. Gotta vote for TALON

  179. Exite! Chemicus Sum!

  180. Gotta go with the arizona rangers…best of the bunch

  181. Exite! Chemicus Sum!

  182. Exite! Chemicus Sum!
    Science makes me happy.

  183. Utah County!

  184. Utah County

  185. Monster Hunter: Los Alamos. It was the back-story that did it.


  186. Exite! Chemicus Sum! Go Los Alamos!

  187. Los Alamos. Exite! Chemicus Sum!
    Don’t mess with scientists!

  188. Exite! Chemicus Sum!

  189. Exite! Chemicus Sum!

  190. Exite! Chemicus Sum!

  191. Exite! Chemicus Sum!

    Because glowing radioactive vampires are easier targets.

  192. Exite! Chemicus Sum!

  193. Exite! Chemicus Sum!

  194. Exite! Chemicus Sum!

  195. Utah County wins my vote!

  196. Utah County!!!

  197. Exite! Chemicus Sum!


  198. “Exite! Chemicus Sum!”

  199. Exite! Chemicus Sum!

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