Good news, patches are on the way to me

So I’ve got another 200 MHI patches that should be here shortly, and I think I’ve got enough books in finally to fill the rest of the pending autographed orders. I’ll try to get those out as quick as I can. 

Man, editing with a deadline consumes your life! 

And you know you want one of these: 



Hat tip to Jack Clemons for the Abomination jpg.

And you also know you want one of these:

MHI Tactical Onesie

MHI Tactical Onesie

16 Responses

  1. Great images. Fortunately I don’t have anything to put the Onesie on. Except maybe my 20lb cat:) But a patch or t-shirt will probably be indicated. The patches are available now? I really think I need one.



  2. The onsies are cute, but I’d like a lady’s nightshirt with the “There’s No Monsters Under My Bed” statement and logo, and I’d like to have a sharp-pointy-thing under the logo dripping in monster gore. 😉

    So, how do I get one of those?

  3. 😮 The Abomination! I WANT IT!

    Anywho, I suggest taking your time. I know you’re still busy editing MHI 2 and well, that’s always the funnest part of writing 😀

  4. Man, I’ve got a few nuetered S12’s sittin in the closet and you’re killin me…
    The more I read and think about it, the more I want to create Abomination… VERY BADLY
    use a Chaos Quad rail with extended part over the rear cover, CAA PG, Tapco Folding stock, Eotech, and there’s a ‘grenade launcher’ out there I just can’t remember the name…. AAAAHHHHH, consuming my life!!!!!!!!

  5. Where is the bayonet?

  6. Got a friend with a young daughter, need something like that on the front with “Daddy shot it” on the back

  7. Patches and autographed books are all well and good, but I think I’d rather have an Abomination. Or two.

  8. Abom’s safety is on. Of course I want one.

  9. I know I probably need to pay better attention here but how do I get a patch please? I didn’t see them listed on the CafePress page. Thank you.


  10. I want a fixed stock, folders are too flimsy for clubbing things.

  11. I’m sure I missed it being said somewhere, but how do I get one of these patches?

  12. Good question. So I just posted a new tab up at the top called “Buy Stuff”. The info is in there.

  13. Yes, yes I do want one of those.

  14. all i need now is the abomination a patch and the biggest set of MHI armor that Milo can make and i’m good

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