New book that you absolutely have to get

Coming soon from White Feather Press, Lessons from Armed America by Kathy Jackson and Mark Walters.

It will be releasing in October. When I have a direct link to purchase, I will post that.

Kathy is a good friend of mine. She was my original editor and the 1st member of Reader Force Alpha. When she told me that she’d written a book, I got excited.  She let me have a sneak peak. I finished it while I was in Wyoming for ITRC, but she didn’t want me to say anything yet. She finally gave me the go ahead today.

This is a book about self-defense, concealed carry, and the hows and whys of defending ourselves.  Mark writes a chapter detailing the actual events of a violent encounter, and then the next chapter is Kathy getting down to the nitty-gritty details that we gun nuts love so much. They use that formula throughout.

I’ve spent a long time as a CCW instructor. I love teaching people, but I’m always hesitant when I recommend self-defense books to my students, because there is usually something in there that I disagree with. I can say that I would recommend this book without hesitation. It is a good read, has plenty of good info for everyone, but especially for those just starting out on the path to take care of themselves.

It turns out that Kathy is not just a good editor, but she’s also a good writer. And yes… I was able to actually catch a typo in my editor’s book! Miracles do happen!

Kathy is the editor of Concealed Carry Magazine, and you probably know here from her excellent resource website,

3 Responses

  1. so far I’ve found 4-5 typos/mis-spellings in MHI…. I look at them like ‘Easter Eggs’ from video games

  2. Since I’ll be receiving my CCW within the next couple of weeks, this book sounds like a must.

  3. Wonderful news! Thanks for the tip, Larry, and You Go, Kathy!

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