So the FTC is cracking down on bloggers… 

So if I got a free hat from a company, and then say something positive about that company, I can be fined $11,000, if I get an inspector that is having a bad day, but if I get a happy inspector, I could get a boxes of free stuff, and be fine…  Typical government BS.

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  2. “Free Trade Crackdown”

  3. But if you get $1,000,000, and publish a book pimping the person who paid you, and fail to disclose, the first amendment applies and protects you.


  4. Amazing BS. I decided to re-name Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising as the Dan Rather Protection Act since it excludes in whole the Traditional Media.

  5. this should get taken to court

  6. Good luck with that, ya dumbass Feds! Way to piss the people off some more!

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