The MHI 625 is done

Courtesy of Mike Smith:






Work done by Jim Lowe of Montclair VA.  As David Kantrowitz said in the previous post, there is just something about the 625 that makes you want to shoot a monster in the face. (he has one in his books too).

18 Responses

  1. Beautiful work and a nice looking weapon. Thanks for sharing that with us.


  2. Absolute touch of class. And I am against engraving a gun.

  3. tasteful and sharp.

  4. Beautiful. I could be jealous.

  5. All I can think, (after having fired my friend’s 454 Casull) wow that is a beautiful gun, and I hope you have strong wrists or care nothing about the cartilage in your elbow. Either way, I would hate to be on the receiving end of that barrel.

    • This 625 is chambered in .45acp. With full under-lug and Pachmayr grips it’s a breeze to shoot even with full +P+ loads.
      I want a S&W 25 or 625 in .45LC to go with my Winchester ’94 ( JMB goodness). That combo would make a good MHI roll out combo.
      Also want a … Heck, I want a winning lottery ticket.

      • I’ll second Stretch’s comment- I’m the proud owner of the 625’s older brother- the classic S&W 1917- and it is one of the most pleasent .45’s I’ve ever fired. The recoil is there, but it’s kind of a firm but gentle push.
        I should also note that I’m a big recoil wimp, yet can shoot my 1917 all day.

  6. See if you can put that pic in the Wikipedia S&W 625 article.

  7. Oh man, that’s awesome.

  8. I guess I shouldn’t poke fun. My current dream gun is a Taurus Judge.

    Yes, it too will leave you a bit sore at the end of a day at the range, but Oh what a feeling.

  9. […] Monster Hunter 625 […]

  10. One word… SNUBZILLA !!!

  11. I shall use my new fave quote horked laboriously from the interwebz: “ZOMG, that is made of WIN and covered in AWESOME-SAUCE!”

    Daddy likey, and daddy wantie!

  12. Nice! We need to get a whole series…

    Now. Who do we get to build a Saiga 12 gauge?

  13. Beautiful K-frame. The engraved team patch is awesome.

  14. omg! want want want!

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