MHI patches from around the world

Or from south west Asia at least:

Operation Baen Bulk was a project started by some of the Barflies over at They’ve been sending care packages and books overseas for Christmas.

So for those of you who’ve ordered patches recently, but haven’t gotten them yet, it was because all my remaining ones went to these guys. You’ll have to take it up with them…  Okay, just kidding, UPS just dropped off another box of patches to me, so I’ll get all the autographed copies and patches out the door in time for you to have them for Christmas.

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  1. Larry,

    I wanted to drop a quick note to you, to say ‘Thanks’.

    Thanks for supporting our troops, as I vet, I appreciate all that can mean.

    Thanks for being accessible to your fans. I like knowing the person behind the stories I read.

    Thanks for the ongoing entertainment. MHI is a great. I’ve bought 11 copies of your book (3 in Oklahoma, 8 in Indiana) to give to others. All who have read it are sharing it with others. The local (Johnson County, Indiana) library has been convinced to buy a few copies of it, too.

    Thanks for the blogging. It is nice to know when to expect the next book.


  2. One word Larry: HOOAH!

    –WO1 Torgersen

  3. If I were of suspicious mind, I would bet that Larry is proud as a peacock and might gotten a little teared eye at the pics.

    You should be proud Larry. I know we are.

  4. Way to go Larry.
    Now, I’ll have to order an autographed book and patch for my best friend’s son, Mike.
    Mike is a Staff Sargent in the Marine Corps.

  5. Those are some sweet pics. I wish I could be a Ranger Zombie.

    I cleaned the B&N at Jordan Landing out last weekend (a whopping 2 copies, but I digress) to give as gifts — the book that keeps on giving. I’ll forward their reviews to you as I get them.


  6. Oooh! I should get a patch for Rob before he goes back to the sandbox.

  7. MHI great read, cant wait for vendetta.
    Where are the patches available?

  8. Larry…

    First off thanks for such an awesome book. I could hardly put it down I eagerly await the next one.

    Second..thanks much for supporting our troops. I too support them as I can and there can never be enough support for them.

    Keep up the great work

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