Not much posting – lack of interwebs on home computer + COD:MW2

I haven’t posted much lately, as my only access to the internet has been at work, and I’ve been swamped there.  My home internet should be up again soon.  My wife got a new computer for Christmas, and I managed to take down our wireless router trying to hook her up.  I should have wireless for my laptop again soon though. 

That said, I’ve still been able to plug into Xbox live.  Thank goodness. 

I was given Modern Warfare 2 for Christmas.  It is massive fun.  Sadly, my first couple days of playing consisted of my being slaughtered by 14 year olds who’ve been playing for a month and are already at 10th prestige.  And it is true, dual shotgun guy is a dog rapist. 

Anybody who says that MW:2 is “ultra realistic” needs to be smacked upside the head.  Last time I looked, there weren’t a lot of teleporting ninjas running like olympic sprinters with a 100 year old ten-gauge in each hand on the modern battlefield.

My kill ratio is currently a pathetic .68, but I”m starting to get back in my grove.  In my first match with my beloved old standby from MW:1, the P90, I managed to get a 19 kill streak.   Running a chopper’s gun is a pure slaughterfest.