George Hill needs our support – Good man running for office

Many of you know George Hill as the Ogre of  George is running for the Utah State legislature. 

George is a down to earth, normal, level headed, dude.  He’s the kind of guy that you can go shooting with, then eat burgers, and complain about the morons in politics.  When asked for an opinion, he won’t check the polls and the direction of the wind, he’ll just tell you what he thinks.  Basically, he’s one of us. 

I’ve known George for about 12 years now.  He’s an Army vet, and when we met he was a computer geek, and now he’s a friendly neighborhood gun dealer.  He’s got a lovely wife and a mess of sons out in the Vernal, Utah area.   

He’s running for the Utah State legislture, but he needs our help.  Running for office takes money, and if you can spare it, this is the kind of person that we need more of in the government.  There is a donate link on his blog above, and here is a direct link.  EDIT – Paypal link doesn’t work.  Just go to

And beyond that, if any of you live in Utah, and you can volunteer your services, I’m sure George would appreciate the help. 

We all complain about the morons in politics and how nice it would be if there were more of “us” in those offices.  Now is your chance to help one out.

EDIT:  Here is George’s Facebook page!/pages/Vote-George-Hill/108575745827001?ref=nf

2 Responses

  1. The /hack/spit Paypal link gives me a “Fatal Failure” when I click on it.

    However, the link to his webpage works.

  2. […] Larry tells us that Mad Ogre is running for Utah state legislature. […]

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