Thanks, Rainy Day Ninja – MHI TV tropes is up

After the Wikipedia hullabaloo, reader Rainy Day Ninja started an MHI TV Tropes page.

He requested help from anybody else who wanted to link or fill it in. I’m all in favor of anything that gets me more readers. Yay!  Thanks, Rainy Day Ninja, and I apologize for killing so many of your ninja bretheren during the events of Hard Magic.

4 Responses

  1. “Not married, but Julie is described as much more attractive than Owen. Correia claims this is autobiographical, but hasn’t provided any sexy pictures of his wife to confirm.”


  2. Ugly Guy Hot Wife section made me laugh.

  3. The Shacklefords should be Badass Family, too–and Ray III and Dorcas are definitely Badass Grandpa and Don’t Mess With Granny, respectively.

    And that’s not even starting to look at Earl…

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