Fun with PhotoShop

Lord Barack and Darth Biden. Please feel free to caption away.

9 Responses

  1. There’s the old stand by “i find your lack of faith disturbing”

  2. “Where is my PRECIOUS”

  3. “If you will not join… then you will DIE!”

  4. “Something, something, something, HOPE AND CHANGE!”

  5. Shouldn’t Barack be Darth Maul, and Biden be the old white guy (Palpatine)?

    • or Soros as the Emperor? hmmm….

    • Obama should be Maul as Maul was the apprentice with serious anger issues (just like the Obamessiah). Soros would be the emperor. Biden? More like a Sith version of Jar Jar.

  6. Yeah, and let’s keep our Star Wars timeline straight… Darth Maul and the Death Star didn’t exist at the same time, ever.

    +1 on Goldfinger’s Evil Little Brother as Palpy…

  7. I love it! Can I borrow it?

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