An illustration from the finale of Hard Magic

A little noir goodness for y0u. By Zack Hill.  You’ve not gotten this far with just the sample chapters, but this is a pretty good representation of one of the characters at the finale, all masked, coated, with a Browning designed weapon that sadly never existed in real life. 🙂

22 Responses

  1. looks good… just need to publish it now…

  2. How hard would it be to get it to really exist now?

  3. Mmmm wonderful representation. I didn’t get this far because after reading the totally awesome first three chapters I decided to save the rest of the book for when its finally published. What gun is this though? My curiosity is piqued.

  4. Another question.

    I haven’t had a lot of time to read new books. So what I have been doing is buying them from Any chance of your books being turned into an audiobook? And who would you like to be doing the reading.

    • oh hell yea….. some audiobooks would ROCK
      heck, its even kinda nice to have the audiobook to read along to, I think that’s how I’m going to start my 2YO out….
      I have audiobooks of Dragonlance Chronicles, as well as my well-read copies, as soon as he gets old enough, he’ll start with those

      • Ooooh, where did you get those? How many of the Dragonlance Chronicles?

      • I’ll try to find them on my other computer and get them posted somewhere….. someone took the OLD cassettes and recorded them digitally, they sound absolutely atrocious at times and are read very boringly at some points. But its still really nice to listen to books while at work. That is what got me started on podcasts which now fill everyday at work with typically gun related information. (Gun Rights Radio Network is awesome)
        it’d be really cool to get Larry to guest on some of their podcasts…… most of the podcasters are big fans of his books

  5. That is just soaked in awesome sauce! Zack is a great choice for an artist!

  6. Larry – that is AWESOME. Seriously Grimnoir is EPIC. Is it bad if I’ve been telling people to plan to buy it already?

  7. Looks a lot like a Mike Mignola character – awesome!

    (Now I”m picturing Lobster Johnson with a magic BAR…)

  8. I dunno. Would Browning ever consider soiling his hands with a bullpup? 😉

  9. Go graphic novel with this, after the initial publication. The noir style could be the next ‘Sin City’ series. Hell, ask Miller to do it.

    • Only use Miller for the artwork. Under no circumstances should you let him anywhere near your plot or dialogue, unless you want to end up with about 257% more prostitute in your story than you had budgeted for.

      • heh heh. Yeah that sounds like Miller.

      • *snirk*

        Forgot about that- but does it count if they are prostitute NINJAS? On SKATES? With a KATANA?

        Just sayin’, Miko was pretty badass

  10. Looks like the drawing was based on the classic Sandeman Don:

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