More Grimnoir Art

Here are some more interior artwork items for my upcoming novel, Hard Magic.  These are done by the very talented Zachary Hill.  He’s limited to working in black and white, with simple drawings that will still translate well into the small illustrations of a paperback.  These are going to be shrunk down quite a bit. I think he’s really captured the noir/pulp/adventure retro-cool vibe of a magical 1932. 

Zach’s also a novelist, and is currently submitting his novel Gorgon to publishers.  I really appreciate the work that he’s done on this project.



7 Responses

  1. Those wouldn’t be grenade safety pins dropping from Faye’s hand, would they?

  2. Zach these are awsome! They look dangerous.

  3. Man, these look great….
    I’m curious how they’re gonna work the EARC (which I’m really excited and waiting for) with the images…..
    can’t wait to see…..

  4. Nice work, but Faye looks entirely too old… (sorry, but she does)

    • I agree, but I think it’s just the way the shadows fall. I can’t draw worth a damn, so who am I to judge?

      Can’t wait for it, and your other projects. Cool stuff!

    • It also appears that there may be makeup or markings around Faye’s eyes as well. That could add to the appearance of age.

  5. The makeup is to illustrate her “gray-eyes” which is the tell-tale sign she is a traveler. But I do agree she should be
    depicted as younger.
    I love the illustrations, especially Maadi and the Chairman.
    They will add immensely to the success and popularity of the book.

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