The cover painting for Hard Magic

The Grimnoir Chronicles: Hard Magic by Alan Pollack

I just got the cover painting for Hard Magic. Alan Pollack is the same fellow that did the covers for both Monster Hunter novels. He’s an extremely talented artist. He was going for a very ’30s big pulp vibe, and I believe that it came out great. I’m feeling so much better about this one now that I know the cover on Amazon was a rough draft stub that shouldn’t have ever gone out.  This one feels kind of retro-swanky-cool.  I’m really excited.

Strangely, all three of my novels feature covers of an attractive/dangerous women and a man with a gun… I don’t really know what that says about me as an author. Oh, hell, who am I kidding?  🙂

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  1. I like it. Pulp rules.

  2. Thompson! Drum! And, uh, a ball of rubber-bands?

  3. p.s. I dig it!

  4. I seem to remember the original cover for MHI not including any humans at all…oh, and my wife saw those going for around $200 on eBay.

    • Hey, I have of those! I was lucky enough to run across the discussion on THR and recognize the writing as the genius it is. I’m too much of a book hoarder to ever sell it. I may send it to Larry and beg for it to be signed.

      As for the cover, very nice. I feel better now. The other almost gave me pause on pre-ordering it. Almost.

  5. Much better!

  6. That looks MUCH better than the first “placeholder” illustration.

    Can’t wait to read it!

  7. Love it. Seriously, that’s a cool cover.
    Now, the Tommy… it has a side charging handle like a 1943 Tommy… and a Top Charger like a 1927 Tommy? Interesting.

    • I believe what you are seeing on top is actually supposed to be the front sight.
      May not have been painted by a gun nut.

      Other than that, HOW FRIGGIN COOL is that cover!

      • yea, and the Rules Violation of “FINGER ON THE TRIGGER” hints at a non-gunny designer….

        other than that (which just sticks out to me and urks the hell out of me) its a great lookin cover.

  8. So this character is not much of a stickler for safety rules huh? 🙂

    • You know, that is actually kind of interesting. On the cover, Alan is not a gun guy at all. He wouldn’t even think of it.

      But for historical purposes, ’32 predates the Four Rules being spread around. Gun safety was different back then. People tended to be safe, because they had a lot of familiarity, but you didn’t have the the rules like we do now. It was pretty common to see pictures of really hard core shooters with their fingers on the trigger. I even read a book on pistol shooting from the 20s where it was recommended that you always keep your finger on the trigger, so your reaction time would be better. 🙂

      I really like our way better. 🙂

  9. That’s cause your a BAEN writer. Check the rest of BAEN’s covers you’ll see the curvy babe/big gun motif is well known there.

    Like all BAEN writers you’ll need to get used to the Barflies call,

  10. “Strangely, all three of my novels feature covers of an attractive/dangerous women and a man with a gun… I don’t really know what that says about me as an author. Oh, hell, who am I kidding?”

    It means you actually recognize your readers and cater to the market 😀

  11. Now THAT looks downright cool. Sharp, polished, and communicates that there’s more to this than just a 30s gangster novel.

    Looks great, Larry. Can’t wait for the book.

  12. And from the look on her face, I think I would rather face down the guy with the Thompson…

  13. Words cannot describe how awesome that looks.

  14. Looks good, can’t wait for the book to hit the stores!

  15. Looks Good!

  16. I think it means you are writing what you know about.

  17. That cover art is amazing. That is the kind of cover art that makes me buy a book.


  18. Larry, this is BADASS!

  19. I like it, except that it looks like she’s holding a small pile of radioactive dog poop.

  20. While awesome, ( and I do think he captured what you were going for theme wise), Shouldn’t that be a Lewis Gun?

  21. Trigger finger discipline… where is it!?

  22. I like it — and this time, the artist actually made an attempt at depicting a (somewhat) realistic firearm. Why do so many talented artists paint guns like a third-grader does? (Pet peeve of mine.)

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