Let the Redshirtining begin!


Hmmm… doesn’t sound right.

Okay, imagine that said in the same tone of voice as “RELEASE THE KRAKEN!” The original, not the Liam Neeson owed somebody money version.

The following people donated at least $50 to the Misha Hintze kidney transplant fund. Some folks even donated more. Misha is still waiting for a donor, since the one they had lined up turned out to be incompatible. Thank you guys though, because you are helping make a difference in a young man’s life.

The following people are going to be redshirted in an upcoming Larry Correia novel. Since we received so many, I can’t promise that all of you will make it into Monster Hunter Alpha (the current project) but you will appear in an upcoming work. Many of you sent info/bios/pics along, and I will use that info if possible, but can’t promise anything. Some of you are already in MHA, just because your name really fit for a character that was already there and all I had to do was tweak it a little bit. 

When I get done, I’ll post again with who is showing up in MHA.

Justin Stevenson

Tyler Nelson 

Jo Ann Schneider

Jason Lococo

Gaige Mosher

Chase Temple

Kai Hintze (Misha’s dad, but somebody contributed extra money on his behalf so that he too could brutally murdered.)

Phillip Pedersen

Ryan Horst

Kirk Conover

Ethan Pedde

Nancy Randall

Lawrence J Lins

Sharon Mangum

Robb Kelley

And a quick question for those of you listed above… Would any of you mind being a sort of bad guy? I’m talking about some not exactly pleasant rival Hunters from a rival company?  Most of them are not good people.  Do I have any volunteers to be sleazy?  I just ask becaue it is one thing to murder you with werewolves, but it is an entirely different thing to make you a jerk in the process. 🙂

36 Responses

  1. I can take one for the team and be a bad guy if need be i have a shaved head, dark hair & eyes, and a goatee so i guess i kind of fit the bill anyway. Thank you Larry cant wait to see what you do with everybody and best wishes to Misha and his family hope he finds a donor soon.

  2. Oooooooo I’ll do it!

    • Chase, you ended up on the side of law and order, but don’t worry. Your odds of being eaten by werewolves has gone up dramatically. 🙂

      • Sweet. With any luck it’ll be a “behind a wall of their corpses in a pile of my own brass” situation.

  3. Hehe, didn’t know about this, but what a neat way to get people involved. Immortalized in a Monster Hunter book… even if to be brutally murdered by werewolves, and the chance to be a minor bad guy? Rock on.

  4. I’m late to the game. Can I still die for a good cause?

    • Larry, if you go back through the posts to a few weeks ago, see the one about giving the gift of kidneys so I can murder you for charity. It has all the details.

      Kai will forward me the info when he receives the checks. It’ll be too late for you to get into MHA, but I will kill you in something upcoming.

      • W00t! Looking forward to that.
        I had actually linked that post on my blog so that I could find it again, but then I procrastinated.

      • OK, check’s in the mail, etc etc etc…

        For the record, I am built like a well-known TV private investigator (Frank Cannon, not Thomas Magnum) and just got a new shooty stick that I like a lot (Saiga in .223) so feel free to use any of that.
        Oh yeah, I don’t mind being a bad guy (as long as I’m not too bad), and I would like to die in a horrible, gruesome and spectacular manner if you could manage it, that would be great. If not, try to make it as funny as possible anyway.

        This is a great cause, and I’m glad to be a part of it.

  5. Die, Readers, Die! would have made a good blog post title, also.

  6. A bad guy?? I, who never skipped class or got in trouble in school? BRING IT!

    • Nancy, strangely enough, the bio you sent me actually was pretty darn close to an existing character. You end up getting some screen time. 🙂

      • “Strangely enough”, indeed. I knew that I wasn’t like other girls, but I had no idea I rated something close to the imagination of Larry Correia. Best compliment I’ve had in a long time.

  7. I’d love to be a bad guy! Ain’t been around much lately, but I still check in from time to time. You want bio and descriptions or just names?


  8. Is there still time to do this or is the deadline closed? Somehow with working 60+ hours a week for a month and a half it slipped my mind

    • Billy, you can still do it. And Kai will just send me the info. You won’t make it into MHA though, but will have to be in another.

  9. Larry, I’m totally down for being a bad guy in a rival hunting group!

  10. Its all about being a bad guy, Im down!

  11. Is it okay if I send you some info via email? I’m only home for lunch and I didn’t send out a stat sheet for me. I’m okay with as little or as much info as you want to give about my red-shirt experience.

  12. Are donations/redshirts still open? I was going to send in, but we ran into a family emergency of our own and couldn’t, might be able to next month.

    • Nevermind, read through the comments and found the answer. Amazing what a little reading will do… Now maybe if we handcuff all of D.C. to desks, and supply them with copies of the Constitution…

  13. (best Jayne Cobb imitation) Let’s be bad guys!

  14. If it’s not too late, I’m all about being the bad guy (ask my students at Huachuca). Especially if you need a mole.

  15. Hi Larry,

    Dropped the check in the mail last week, hopefully it’s not too late! 🙂

  16. Mailed my check earlier today. Looking forward to seeing how gruesome you can make my death.

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