Arizona Book Signings!

Saturday, October 23rd at the Tempe Marketplace B&N from 1-3 PM.

Sunday, October 24th at the Poison Pen in Scottsdale at 2:00 PM.  This is their Halloween bash and will have 5 authors there.  Signing at the Poison Pen is kind of a big deal. The week before me is Vince Flynn and F. Paul Wilson. These guys pull in the Big Guns.

13 Responses

  1. I’ll be at one or both of those. 🙂 I need to buy a new copy of MHI for you to sign though. Hope those will be available.

  2. DAMNIT! I will have missed you by ONE FREAKING DAY in TEMPE! I’m actually out there that entire week for training but leave Friday afternoon!

    I’ll have to settle for my Hugo’s copy. Would have been sweet to have my battered 1st MHI copy signed thou.

    • Speaking of which I just received mine yesterday! WOOHOO!

      • I saw the Hugo’s debit hit last night, so I can’t wait for the signed copy. However, I just finished the one I bought this weekend and it is AWESOME.

  3. Doing any signing here in Salt Lake?

  4. Buy copy of MHI Vendetta, hopefully get to meet Larry Correia OR Crossroads of the West gun show at Cardinals Stadium… gonna be a close one.

  5. I’d show up, but Pat Rogers probably would say bad things to me if I skipped out of his class in Casa Grande for a few hours.

  6. Kevin, convince him that a field trip is necessary. Research, right? Those zombies aren’t going to kill themselves!

  7. Larry,
    Are you bringing the new patches with you, this year? (Gotta go through the couch cushions for change, if the answer’s ‘Yes’.)

  8. I will try to be at at least one of these.

  9. Larry, any idea how long the signing will be going on? Will try to get off of work at 1200, but I live down in Tucson, and would have to make the drive up.

    Can always bring a couple of interesting toys for you to look at if you so desire. Course, I always have them with me.

  10. Don’t mean to be a pest, but with all these Southwestern signings, are we up here in the Big Infestation of Seattle ever gonna rate a visit?

  11. Damn it thats near my home town of Casa Grande. And i am out in Fl damn it

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