Emancipated Worlds Chapter 1

More mil-SF goodness from my friend Brad: http://bradrtorgersen.wordpress.com/ 

He is doing this as a serial. Brad has won Writers of the Future (which is a pretty darn big deal), and has books in at different places (some that I happen to, you know, write books for) So the more he can do to build name awareness, the better.

Brad has also already managed to offend lots of people by being very opinionated politically. For some reason I think that will be right up my reader’s alley. 🙂   So, other bloggers, if you like Brad’s serial, please spread the word.

4 Responses

  1. Larry, wow, thanks so much for the second link and shout-out! I had some terrific visitors this weekend, and I’m excited to be pumping out the first ten chapters, the first of which is up today. I hope people stay tuned, and of course, for those who like what they see, give a shout on my blog and say hello! So happy to meet Correia fans and MHI folk.

  2. Posted to my Facebook page to spread the word further.

  3. The first chapter is pretty good, I’m looking forward to more from mr. Brad.

  4. Pretty kick ass story so far, looking forward to seeing where it goes. Hopefully lots of sci-fi explody goodness!

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