More fun with trolls, Furry the Teutonic panda bear

Ahh… The stuff that I get to put up with on the internets.   THREE years ago I put up a blog post about how I personally thought HK was overrated. (and remember, three years in internet time meant that dinosaurs roamed the Earth) I made it humorous and based it on my experience working with HK products.  Well, that rant kind of became a meme and went on to get a bazillion hits. You can’t really have a thread on the internet about an HK product without somebody the whole You Suck and We Hate You bit.

The funny thing is that I’ve heard from people in the industry that I trust, that HK has been trying really hard to improve their customer service and image over the last few years.  (not that they would admit to the Suck & Hate You being a motivator, but everybody in the audience knew) AWESOME. That’s great. Bravo. I hope they kick ass, make wonderful guns, sell a ton of them, and then give service with a smile.

But I still, to this day, have moronic fanbois jumping on to give me a piece of their mind. I’ve been called every name you can think of, because basically I think their favorite guns are just “meh” with a couple that rate an “okay I guess” to some of their new products that are probably good, but it doesn’t matter because you can’t own it.

I don’t normally respond to those, (unless they are unintentionally hilarious and I need to poke them). But there’s been this one jackass hanging around lately that needs a bigger response than I can give him in the comments section.  There are many like him, but he’ll serve as an example. He’s either one of the dumbest fanbois to come down the pike, or he’s a brilliant troll.

So this post is dedicated to the nature of fanbois rather than any particular company.  As usual, our special guest star is in italics. I’m in bold.  (Mike Williamson joins in, and gets regular font).

Oh, and his name is Furies. Which I read as Furries, you know, those people that dress up as animals to do kinky stuff, and that visual just make the whole experience that much weirder.  

The little town of Oberndorf on the Neckar has been making the finest firearms in the world for over 150 years – call it Mauser Werkes or Heckler Koch or what have you… The people that work there would probably call it H und K, since Mauser is an entirely different company these people know metallurgy – using alloys and temperature variance to create precision on a quantum level –

No. Really. On the QUANTUM LEVEL!  Your HK can literally travel through time and kill tangos in an alternative universe.  (I don’t think that word thinks what you think it means).


Ziggy, hand me my MP-5!


though, like the japanese sword-smiths, they weren’t initially sure why the greatness occurred – these days…they know.

Union labor?

The HK marketing department isn’t that big. It does not have to be. They simply organize testing of their products which sell themselves.

Some guy named Hans with a marketing degree from Stuttgart State just got fired because of you.

A separate firm creates the licensed logo “shwag” that moves so promptly on ebay – SOP for any company with govt contracts anywhere in the world

I know I can’t go anywhere without running into people wearing Haliburton logo gear.

The German mastery of creating metal characteristics is also reflected in the car industry, where they have consistently churned out stiffer chassis’ than any other country by more than ten years of product – tight handling and safe + forgiving.

Jeremy Clarkson is posting on my blog! BRILLIANT!

Just like their guns – they easily make average shooters/drivers into comparatively better than than the competition, right out of the box/off the lot –

It must be all that Quantum Leaping.

 it’s what their massive engineering R&D is dedicated to.

They stuck a 1940s era gas piston on a 1960s era rifle. BRILLIANT!

Mercedes just crash tested their 60,000th car – for what they cost and how their built it seems a shame. But it is the safest car in the world. I agree…what’s your family’s life worth? Hehhehh

Well, since my kids could probably outshoot Furry with a used Kel-Tec, I’m not too worried. As for what Furry is worth, I’d have to ask his “manager”.

Then Super Author Michael Z. Williamson had to join the fray:

Ah, a perfect little drone. I see the marketing worked on you.

Ask anyone with experience and they’ll take a PPSh or Sterling over an MP5. Since you’re so knowledgeable, tell us what differences you experienced between the three, and why you chose the MP5. You DO have actual trigger time on an MP5, yes? You’re not just citing an opinion based on marketing, are you?

Nothing wrong with Mausers, but Mosin Nagants work just as well, cheaper. Of course, neither is in military production anymore.

The FAL, the AR series and the AK series have sold millions more units to dozens more countries than H&K. In fact, Germany’s new G36 is based on the AR18. It seems they preferred that to the HundK offering. Oops.

Back to the Furry

Muahhaahhahhaaaaaa – now I know you are kidding around with this whole thing – PPsH tipped it off…unless you are a poor Albanian terrorist “operator” I’ll have you know Albanians are very proud of their phone system then your modern choice of arms definitely drops the dime on this sham flamer blog. Which is odd, because he’s responding to Mike, not me. I’m thinking Furry looks up from his stained Winnie the Pooh costume long enough to type a response. I don’t think he’s got time to check names.  

Funny though, especially when you whine about stamped steel in HK’s lineup but prefer the war rationeering, punched out of tin plates, could-make-one-yourself-in-ten-days-with-anvil-and-barstock…sten and ppsh.

For the record, I love the PPsh. It is a blast to shoot. Back when I was in the gun business we had two. One in 7.62 and one in 9mm. They were epic fun.

Which are reliable bullet hoses spraying all around your target area, then sometimes cooking off the last 20 rounds of a drum as it jumps skyward.

I’ve shot a lot of rounds through a PPsH. Furry starts to sound more ignorant the more he talks. (kind of like an Obama supporter that).  I suppose since the Russians didn’t have Germanic Quantum cooling they’d often cook off 20 rounds… in an open bolt subgun. Uh huh.

As for jumping… Naw. Those things are tanks. Good stance and you could dump an entire drum into a single target no problem.

And the soviets did beat the germans with em in ww2, not the mosin-nagants which were outshot by the mausers, but….hehhhehhh pretty funny guy…

I always kind of figured it was that whole bazillion angry Russians combined with us bombing the ever-living crap out of every factory in the country rather than the superiority of our infantry guns. But hey, whatever…

like there would be 25 companies here and around making tons of cash selling licensed copies of either of your choices. Vector (which is out of business) and Special Weapons (and all ten of its different names) has made TONS of cash… Literally. Tons.

Or an airsoft empire built mostly from clones of your guns. Yes. Because nothing shows who is superior than airsoft! Witness my perfection. Newbs.

It would be impressive if a small private ad campaign to LE and Mil only, from a company that doesn’t actually net enough cash to be bribing anybody, could somehow cause the entire world to respect, fear, and worship the polygonal end of it’s muzzle. I don’t think he read the original blog post…

But that’s what makes it funny, right? Like saying Tom Clancy’s and idiot who knows nothing? Because everybody knows the be all end all expert on all things small arms is Tom Clancy. Excuse me, I’ve got to go clean my 10mm Beretta.

 Though he has been writing some self-promoting moralizing movie script books these past ten years, Cripes! Furry is a book critic too! even Red Storm Rising had MP5s taking down Soviets back in what, the early 1980s. Aaaand that proves your point… how?

Wait. Mike and I are novelists too. So apparently whatever Ripple Creek or MHI is equipped with must be awesome. (which they are, because both of us know more about guns than Tom Clancy, which actually isn’t saying a whole lot. No offense, Tom)

Of course as far as the AR – I love my RRA but its for the fam, the HK91 is what Ivescrew you apostrophe. I don’t need you!- been shooting for 18 years and after 25k or so rounds… of far reaching, tight shooting, one shot dropping ab22 euro milsurp.. (only 2 ellipses, so he’s no friend of Nickwolf!)

Hmmm… I don’t think I’ve ever said that the HK91 was unreliable. Unergonomic, lots of dumb design features, going for scalper’s prices, but it does run about as well as a FAL.  

the only jam was in the first clip out of the brand new box. Sure, easy when you just have to sit on the porch, too lazy to ever clean the gun. Yep. I don’t really clean my guns until they start to malfunction. The thing is I’ve shot my serious ones enough to know just about how far that is. 500 rounds through my 1911 (800 if shooting lead).  When I was shooting 3gun I cleaned my Veprs once a year, whether they need it or not. Shooting is fun. Cleaning is work. But I digress.

But let’s fast forward to those that are fighting for us today and who can’t clean their guns because they are being shot at…

Which reminds me of the recent DOD test that the SCAR won, followed by the HK416 and XM8, in which they all had a few jams, but the current M4 had 100′s of fail-to-fire’s. When did I suddenly become the defender of the M-4 carbine? Sigh.

Marketing? Their mascot is Delta Force? Internet fanboi’s love to throw around Delta, and it is usually because Delta just bought a limited number of whatever their favorite gun is. Hate to break it to you chumps, but those guys are rock stars. They go through piles of guns. They buy some of everything.

Side note- I’ve got an interesting story of a procurement by that particular entity that I wonder if I’m allowed to share. I know some of the guys at this particular gun company read this blog, so if I can say what they bought, please let me know. (probably not). But it sure wasn’t one of your typical euro-uber guns, (much nicer actually) and it was a mess of them.

Those guys get trailers full of gear. They’re super heroes. And you’re not. Even if you bought exactly what they were using, you’ll never be that cool.

When the Colt barrel melts in the youtube video, could that be in ze evil germans new york advertising office? Hehhehh – but you are not as funny on these other blog topics.   

If you think I dislike HK, you should hear my opinion on Colt. (overrated) I’m shocked that steel melts when you get it hot enough…

At this point, several other posters piled on Furry. So at this point he gets all fired up about defending, of all things, the superiority of the MP-5.

Note, for my non-gun readers, the MP-5 is a shoulder fired weapon that uses a pistol cartridge. Which means it is far weaker, shorter range, and less effective than something chambered in an actual rifle cartridge. The entire tactical industry moved away from the pistol caliber subguns big time over the last two decades. Everybody in the gun business knows this. 

Geodike, your reply was hilariously ignorant. Starting with reliability-yes a ppsh41 may be more so, but a baseball bat is far more so. You want to bring that to the fight hoping luck’s on your side and the MP5 might jam? Wow. Just wow. Yes. That’s my entire strategy.  Or how about I just shoot you with my &^%ing gun?

Compare the ammo and the 9mm loses? In a shoulder fired weapon. Yes. It sucks.

Try a .40 MP5. Getting warmer.

No? How about a 10mm MP5 Both of which were discontinued a long time ago, because everybody switched to a 5.56 M-4 if you truly want your subguns completely overwhelmed in accuracy, reach, and power. Use a rifle cartridge?

Again, what is your mission? Mowing down small villages… your guns shine, but say your son has a gun to his head at 30 yards and is being forced into a leaving van? This apparently happens a lot in the Furry community.

One chance…and what tool do professionals (not you) choose when they must make that choice at any moment every day? Well, judging from something like 95% of the SWAT teams in the country, a 5.56 caliber carbine?

I don’t think HK convinced movie or game companies to promote their products. And if you do, then why is HK suing companies for ‘use without permission’ and forcing replica makers to cease and desist? Isn’t that called the opposite? Just once I’d like one of my trolls to be able to stick with a train of thought…

Steyr Aug, Mac10, M76? Discussing gun companies that no else mentioned proves your premise weak and defenseless-distracting others from the main point is becoming an obvious trend as you falter. WTF? What is your main point? That the obvious choice of professionals is a gun that was discontinued a decade ago because it was really unpopular and didn’t sell well?

If I have to explain to a ‘current military systems engineer’ why a standard AR DI gas system heats up faster than a piston system, than a new level of government waste has just been reached. Here he is responding to somebody who actually does this stuff for a living with Furry’s typical aplomb. But in his defense, it probably gets really hot inside a giant panda bear suit, so he’s probably in a foul mood.

 See the guy holding the 416 bolt seconds after a 2clip mag dump? You try that with a DI system and your palm will sound and smell like the bacon’s almost ready. Because in combat, you often have to field strip your firearm and hold the bolt.

If you knew that perhaps it would be shocking. Don’t touch hot stuff? What?

Which system will last longer and remain accurate? Or even fire reliably from under water WHAAAT?  (reason given why the SEALS based in Japan just ordered all HK416s)?  SEALs based in Japan have their own procurement system because they shoot their rifles… under water…

REAL soldiers don’t have to anything but fight and survive – there is nothing “routine” about it or it wouldn’t be so hard. And push ups suck. It may be that we have to repel Chinese the way we did in North Korea, and you say, “it may” go ten thousand rounds? How about, “it will” go 600 rounds. You are fighting the last war with this mentality-not the next one. Is this why I want a 10mm pistol cartridge to repel human wave attacks… Wait, by his logic earlier, isn’t this the part where you should use a baseball bat?

And why would a “REAL army” be worried about ammo variation? Logistics? They would own a weapon system where the ammo is already optimized (like HK’s). Oops. I’m not even sure which particular gun he’s talking about, but all of the HK guns that have ever entered production that I’m aware of shoot standard military ammo.

Norway’s freeze issues were blamed on lack of prep (no break-in on test rifles). Oopsie daisies! Actually, the test guns passed. IIRC these were issued weapons.  Ooopsie daises!

And duh. It is cold. Guns freeze. (even Quantum ones) I remember reading about a test in the arctic awhile back and the winner was the Galil.

You want to field an effective army with the least training possible from a tactical standpoint. So why would you desire a weapon that requires more time to train and is more prone to problems? Burst technology – OBJECTION! Find me any soldier anywhere that prefers the idiotic 3 round burst and it’ll be the first one I’ve ever met- and most other HK innovations allow the untrained to equal an enemy and the trained to better them.  WTF? No, really? Huh?  

That is why they are great. And expensive. Are you listening to yourself? They’re great and expensive because 3 round burst it makes the untrained better? Current military doctrine for riflemen is rapid aimed semi-auto.

And for the record, just because I’m not an MP-5 doesn’t mean I don’t know how to use one. I’ve use versions with 2 and 3 shot bursts. Useless feature. Pull the friggin’ trigger and let go when you’re done. DUH.  I got to where I could run one on full auto and squeeze off single shots. You just have to get on and off the trigger quick.

The other reason they are expensive is people who buy $900 guns don’t cause class action suits as readily as people who buy $200 guns. Poor people never sue… Excuse me. I done fell over at WalMart! Woot! I done won the lottery!

And limiting distribution volume undermines those lawyers arguments immensely. I got a business degree, and I’m pretty sure that wasn’t in there. What a crock of dumb.

In a way, we do suck and they would be right to hate us, if they did, because we allowed those lawyers to become congressmen. By avoiding US lawsuits, their money stays in the research and development department. That doesn’t even make any sense. Selling makes you liable period, so they sell less on purpose… so they’ll be… huh?

Who wrote that business plan? The underwear gnomes? Step 3. PROFIT!

Where it can apparently further amaze you. You made an AR18 out of plastic? Will it butter my toast? No. Then screw you, Fritz!

You say the future of ammo is caseless when it’s already history. HK had working models firing caseless ammo in the 1970s (German reunification cancelled it’s production and sent the company briefly reeling). Except it had all sorts of problems, didn’t work very well, and was shot out of a gun that’s insides looked like a clock.

Bonus points for trying though.

If you want the future, it’s in the present: XM25, a 25mm that’s a good match for your WW2 guns in a fair fight. Oh wait. That’s not fair at all. So a 25mm cannon is more than a match for a gun that was built 60 years ago (based on a design by John Browning from WWI)? Whew. That’s progress.  My 2007 Ford Taurus goes faster than a ’32 Packard, and it isn’t even German!

Then more people kicked him about like a mentally-disabled beach ball, but Furry wasn’t deterred.

Maybe this whole thing is a practice session for character development in a book. Oh, God no. I’d never inflict you on my readers.  Start with an absurd assertion likely to be emotional for some folks (former hostages), Who? What? then respond with various ‘personalities’ like that of “cranky old vietnam vet”, and “mid 30s jaded spfc’s mustached defense expert fantasy you”, Wait… Do those words even make a sentence? etc. If on the other hand it’s supposed to be a logical weapons perspective it fails.

Ignoring 95% of the response, seizing on debatable semantics here or there, Nope. I’m using all of your idiocy this time, and it is really starting to hurt my head- and then without basis assume the responders positions on other guns or general background, or maybe jump between decades and applications to confuse the central issue. –Said the guy playing what’s the best gun for a hostage shot in the 1980s during a bad episode of Miami Vice –

No matter how long winded or informative on other topics, your replies are never to the original point. HK, the legacy of Mauser, –Does Furry know that not all Germans work for the same company? It’s not like you fly in, they hand you a beer-strudel, some lederhosen, and sausage-snitzel and then you go to either Mercedes, HK, or the place that makes those big alpine horns- has more respect from the world’s elite operating community (yes, you are frustrated at not being a part of it, we get that), Really? Do my shattered dreams shine through that hard? than any other firearms manufacturer.  

Let me address that last bit, the fallacy that one gun company enjoys this super dooper rep with the cool-guy tactical community. Bull shit. Their gun nuts are as opinionated as everybody else’s gun nuts. Don’t believe me? Go to SHOT show sometime.

Maybe not you, or your friend jimmy-Bob, but on average, they will improve an army (only goal) as a system and as individual weapons. If only the Germans would have had German made weapons, because then they would’ve totally won… Oh wait…

(side note, the Wehrmacht just had a rifle test and the HK lost and it looks like they’re picking up the Sig SAPR for a DMR. Quantum physics must not have been part of that test)  

This is by application and decade – comparing today’s Daniel Defense carbine to a 1950s HK .223 prototype will only leave you slightly impressed by the HK. Instead let’s put a 416C next to any choice you have of DI in the same dimensions and who wins? The Daniel Defense? The LWRC? The LMT? The SCAR? The Remington ACR? You don’t, since you aren’t able to get a 416C, And I will cry myself to sleep at night knowing I wasn’t able to buy a $4,000 gun that might-marginally-maybe be a teensy bit better than something else that I could buy for half- but the best troops in the world are fielding it as you read this. Fielding, and bought a handful to screw around with are not synonymous.

The Marines did buy the IAR, which is a beefy little carbine.    

My reply was subgun vs subgun, not subgun vs carbine (typical of your response style). Who was it with the whole hostage shot thing with a 10mm MP5 earlier?

 Again, you are at the family reuinion, a jerwad ex rolls in with a 12 gauge shouting, surrounded by nieces and nephews (since you aren’t obviously a family man), Huh? and you can reach for one weapon off the rack – How about I just shoot him in the face with the $2,000 STI on my hip? the MP5 is still the best choice unless you hate this family or planned this as a sniper event. Why?

Special ammo like cor-bon in .223 may not be handy (to cut short 5 paragraphs of your reply from describing ammo variables or something). I’ve got 280 rounds of Hornady TAP loaded in magazines in the pouches on my vest, sitting in the closest next to one of my ARs. But for this test, it is more likely that I’ll have access to a discontinued, oddball, 10mm subgun?

I won’t continue since arguing with the slow kid is proof that I’m a little slow. No argument there.

But since you are a machine gun renter, –Retired- and the best tool for that is an Uzi or a PPsh, -Like I said in the original post, we also had MP-5s, and made lots of money renting them to fanbois – I will agree that for your application, your tools are perfect for the job.

The dead giveaway that I have no trigger time is also laughable, since you likely handed me one to dump rounds through. If not at a school, then likely in KY, where we’ve been going with my uncle (who owns a couple Stens) to Knob Creek Machine Gun festival for 15 years, twice a year, spending three days each time on the triggers of everything, EVERYTHING, including 40,000 plus rounds on the GE minigun –  

Let me get this straight. You’re claiming to have shot $20,000 dollars worth of ammo (not including the astronomical rental fee for a minigun)?  Dayum. I didn’t know that whole sticky panda suit thing paid that well.  

and, the guys that own these guns and the former para’s that help them, say the same thing. Thanks for the buckets of money, idiot?

In order to say these are inferior weapons systems, or that HK policy is to punish the private citizen, ignores 95 % of truth, again. You can live on in a land of 5% reality, where you wear a patch and throw grenades at problems, where the “sheeple” sleep and mall ninjas pester your greatness, but 100% of the truth is….the fantasy world of an author on his blog, whose points are supported only by imaginary friends, will seldom have much to do with actual facts or reality. And as the blood pressure rises and you flail about responses, Whew, yeah, I’ve sure had to flail.

i’m off to the real world, never to return. And we’ll see how long that lasts…

So keep it brief. Said the guy that posted over 4,000 words to an archived blog post.


Aaand he came back. Again. Mike Williamson bashed him over the head about how he knew ^$#@-all about how bullets actually work.

Heheh. Overpenetration. That is the answer we were looking for. If you are launching .223 of any type at your family than we are right to question your loyalty to them (not an insult…observation).  FUN with physics time! Did you know that a heavily constructed, slow moving pistol bullet will tend to hold together rather than fragment (which is what it was designed to do to maximize penetration in order to hit vital organs), whereas a rifle bullet is moving much faster, and a lightly constructed one is designed to tumble and fragment?

But Furry knows more about what bullets do that any stupid old SWAT team!

Another answer you are getting wrong is the trend in purchasing by top level operators, since they are definitely buying more HK products then ever before. As evidenced by all those lucrative contracts! Like the IAR… and the… Well… shoot.

Grenade launcher sales alone would discredit your claim (or even just the HK GMG), but several strangely public purchase decisions have also proved that the 416 is storming. Groan. You ignorant slut. Strangely public? Big procurements are always public. I’m guessing you don’t know anything about government contracting either, though you’ll tell me I’m wrong, because I’ve ONLY been a finance manager for a government contractor.

And for those reading this before buying, keep in mind resale value and reputation. All the other mall ninjas will laugh at you !

Innovation like the dual-recoil spring from the 1993 USP, just showed up in the newest Glock.  Didn’t the Bren 10 and the 4506 have dual recoil springs? Like dual-optics You mean that on top of each other thing that HK did a very unpopular job with that Trijicon then did better, but 3gunners were doing years before?, tactical slings, I’ll give them the nifty little clip, but I’ve see pics of rigged single points from WW2- QD scopes (that hold zero), The claw mount doesn’t hold zero for crap, and there were QD scopes dating back to the 20s.

and hundreds of other things this company introduced in it’s history (and folks like you initially made fun of), there are few as influential –  Browning? Colt? Mauser? Stoner? Kalashnikov? Garand? Saive?

That’s the results of a 150 year old R&D and metallurgical tradition, and of not supporting the lawyers of the world (why we suck). Germany is a lawless place. Kind of like Mad Max, with better guns, and good looking, but stern women.

As far as Knob Creek, it’s not the limit of my “operational experience”, He’s so operatery he can barely stand it but a good place to shoot every machine gun made, multiple times with variable ammo and barrel lengths etc. And to spend $20K on somebody’s mini-gun!

Also for weekend warriors to come watch it happen. Since everything you write proves you are such a warrior, Why do these guys always insinuate that anyone who disagrees with them wants to be in the military? I got rejected for medical reasons in ’93 and have pretty much lived a happy and fulfilling life making lots of money off working for the military ever since – figured we saw you there, hoping to mow down all the targets on the lower range with one spray of your PPsh (but remember those misses in real life mean you are dead). Sigh. He’s lecturing a 3gunner on speed and accuracy?

That’s all. Work’s over, panda suit is very sticky- going home now, but later I guess I will check in to see how you huff and puff. In that way you are an entertaining writer.

Up until now it had been Mike Williamson and some other posters debating this twit. This is where I had to get involved, because I really didn’t know what he was talking about.

Correia45 said:

Furrys, are you talking to me (the original author) still? Because this blog post is over 3 years old… Most of us have moved on with our lives, so I’m a little confused if you’re talking to me or not. (though I did have to comment last week for an idiot to explain the concept of what the 1st Amendment actually says) If you are talking to me about being an entertaining writer, why yes, my last novel just made the New York Times bestseller list, so apparently quite a few people seem to think so.

And overpenetration? Really? Uhm… you may want to go see what your local SWAT team is using. (Hint, really good odds it is some sort of 5.56 shooting something like Hornady TAP, specifically because of overpenetration issues)

Now let me clarify for all four of the non-gunny readers of the Monster Hunter Nation. Almost every SWAT team in the US has switched from 9mm submachine guns to 5.56 carbines. This is for a few specific reasons. 5.56 is far and away more destructive against a human being than a pistol round (and destructive equals shutting the bad guy down faster) and as an added bonus, when used with proper ammo (like the above mentioned Hornady TAP) it tends to fragment quickly, which means that if you miss, odds are that it won’t go through as many walls.

However, anything strong enough to poke a hole in a human body deep enough to hit vital organs will penetrate your average interior wall. No problem.

He responded.

“Alright, ‘you two’ – for an “entertaining writer”, those were boring replies.”

Let’s see… I write books for a living. I am paid lots of money to write books. I’ve got 9 professional sales to a major publishing house, two bestsellers, a collaboration in the works with one of the top selling sci-fi writers of all time and I live in a giant house in the mountains under a ski-resort with my large gun collection paid for by my writing. So basically, your opinion of my blog scribbling really isn’t going to hurt my feelings any.

Oh, and the other guy he’s been arguing with is Mike Z. Williamson, who is also a very successful, award winning, popular sci-fi novelist. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t give a crap either.

A man that writes books this awesome really doesn't give a crap about your opinion

Overpenetration is hitting the family behind the bad guy, wall or no wall. If you want to know what “acceptable losses” means, ask those same TAP using SWAT guys.

I tried to diagram that sentence, but I really don’t know what you’re trying to say. It was at this point that I went back and read all his previous crap.

As far as continuing a moronic blog column for three years, that’s your doing.

Internet. Meet Furrys. Furrys. Meet internet. I don’t “continue” a blog post. I post them, and then they stay there… on the internet. It isn’t my fault people keep reading it 3 years later.

I’m only here since it’s funny to see you dodging the bulk of of the facts and hiding it with insults these past couple months.

Which is a highly ironic statement, since the last time I responded to the actual topic of this blog post was OCTOBER 28th 2009. A year ago. Which is like ten eons in internet time.

The only other response since then was to somebody looking for a web store, and then this exchange from last week, which further proves my point:

Special Guest Idiot Fart knocker said

you comment-deleting terd burglar. The author deletes comments on this post at his discretion, because you suck, and he hates you.

Seriously, grow a pair and let the 1st amendment ring, you fucking pansy.

Now obviously I had to respond to that, because I have a personal vendetta against stupid on the internet. (stupid burned my village when I was very young) So here was my response.

correia45 said

First off, the only comments I ever delete are the spambots and the idiots that can’t string together a coherent sentence. Luckily, you make the cut. (barely)

Secondly, comments from new posters don’t appear until I post them. I’m sorry I didn’t approve your brain-damaged comment on a three-year-old blog post sooner, but I was on a leg of a my national book tour for my New York Times bestselling novel. This may shock you, but some of us have a life outside of working the night shift at Arbys.

Third, you have no 1st Amendment right to post on somebody else’s blog, you ignorant slut. I’d take the time to explain how the Constitution and Bill of Rights are about the limitations on governmental authority, but you’d just go back to huffing paint and forget anyway.


That last bit never ceases to amaze me either. I remember back when I was a moderator on THR. Most imbeciles have zero concept of what the Constitution or the Bill of Rights actually say. Then Furry came back AGAIN.

It’s interesting to me how you don’t have to address the shortcomings of your arguments by spending your response time speculating on the stupidity of each poster that disagrees with your lame assertion.

Wow. You got me there. I’m such a big mean jerk-face on my own blog. But Furry wanted a real response, hence this blog post. You can’t really accuse me of cherry picking now, can you ass wipe? 😀

Thanks indeed for the laughs!

No Furry. Thank you. Without guys like you and Nickwolf and the other idiots that feel the need to troll my blog, I’d be stuck having to fisk the news and political speeches… And that gets boring after awhile. You guys are like the soft white underbelly of the internet. Like the limping gazelle too retarded to keep up with the pack, and I, as a blogger, wait, perched like a falcon, ready to strike.

I need a new hobby.

Mp5s shine because, since the 70′s the pro’s load with BAT (Blitz Action Trauma) type rounds that are teflon coated yet commit 100% of energy to target.

You know, I took a 12 hour wound ballistics class once and I must have missed that part where pistols were energy weapons. (take that Fallout!).  All those autopsy photos, and I came away under the mistaken impression that bullets killed people by poking holes in them.

Which brings us back to a weapons SYSTEM optimized for the application. Is this the magic bullet you meant? For which application? Oh wait. Facts. Sorry to bring those up since they aren’t welcome.

I’m not sure what he’s talking about. I think that it is that a 9mm MP5 is the choice of “real operators” only when loaded with an obscure cartridge that you can’t actually purchase.

For the record, the GECO BAT is an odd round from the 1980s. They were like 1,400 fps for an 80 something grain bullet. They were a fad, and then they went away as better modern hollow points replaced them. I don’t even know if you can find BAT anymore.

When my stepmom killed her abusive ex-husband one night in the late 1980s in albuquerque, she used a VP70Z loaded with BAT bullets. He beat his way through a patio window with a ballping hammer (reliable weapon you can appreciate) and hit her several times before she got the gun in her hand.

I don’t know what a ballping hammer is, and I missed that episode of Trailer Park Adventures.

Then all 18 shots rang out, cutting him mostly in half but without “overpenetrating”.

Apparently, since she had to shoot him 18 times.

That gun, with the first polymer frame in the business, was laughed at by many (likely you).

I think it got laughed at because it had one of the most horrendous trigger pulls ever put onto a gun that wasn’t shooting little plastic disks. But don’t you worry, in 1985 I was far more interested in watching the A-Team than making fun of the VP70, because I was 10.

But experience has taught me that you, like so so many before you (especially those working that case), will eventually realize you have been pissing in the wind all along.

I’m assuming the people working the case were probably thinking that if she shot the guy with bullets that penetrated more she wouldn’t have had to cut him in half before he quit hitting her with a hammer.

I buy American as a rule, and have boycotted China for 13 years, (hate to burst your bubble, but if you’re typing this on a computer, you’re not boycotting China) but if the alloy involved has lives depending on it, the Germans get my dime. Because German metal is more better… Because of SCIENCE!!!

Say what you will, but facts have momentum – your opinions won’t be slowing the big train down (three years of trying sure proves it). Yes. I’ve been trying VERY hard, what with having posted a rant written over my lunch break three years ago.

Wow. Furry takes idiot trolling to a new and interesting place. Think about this. I’m a professional writer. I write about as fast as I can think I fisked this post while watching the season finale of Top Gear. I’m betting Furry doesn’t write nearly that fast, but he’s takent he time to write a novella sized… something. That’s trollish dedicaiton.

But just when I thought it couldn’t get any weirder, he posted AGAIN while I was writing this response.

Hey its what I know but it ain’t BS – She got manslaughter 1 because the police considered it an “offensive weapon” system rather than a “defensive” one. Even the Albuquerque DA endorses HK as a quality sidearm. It was struck down because of, of course, the 2nd amendment makes no distinctions.

I’ll just let that stand on its own without comment, because there is so very much bullshit there that I can’t even begin to decipher it.

But you should have at least said, “bet the first shot missed cause a that heavy trigger pull” (which is only the first round and in case you’ve been hit with a hammer, you don’t need to find the safety…just start squeezin), That’s what she said! BURN.  (well, he started being immature first!)

that would have meant you know something, or appreciate that as a machine pistol in its own holster/stock and that at 2300 rpm rof doesnt leave its target- 6 3 round bursts – only competitor was the MP5K which killed it. So your mother cut your father in half with a machine pistol?

Dude, do you drive a tactical golf cart to work?

The briefcase for the MP5K? Which you couldn’t aim? The squeeze cockers that are still the fastest cocking firing semi handguns ever made… So important when speed counts that they dominate competition speed shooting… Oh… never mind. (and I actually like the P7, it’s classy, but that’s just an idiotic statement) Pulse Laser 100 on my MP5, with surefire upgraded 190 lumens led and a can is a nice night light even these days + children can use it… What? just rambling Naw. Really? here still amazed that you could be anything but appreciative of the results, which help make Nato NATO? and the US the big dog – and you a sucker head

So there you have it folks. The US of A is awesome because of HK and I’m a big mean sucker head.  Good luck, and god speed, Furry. May your mall always be safe and your bear costume tactical…