Article about me in The Blue Press

There is going to be an article about me in the December 1st The Blue Press.  The interview was done by gun writer and all around good guy, Duane Thomas. 

For those that don’t know, The Blue Press is put out by Dillon. It is part catalog, part magazine, all fun, and FREE. It has hundreds of thousands of subscribers (literally).  If you want to get a free subscription all you have to do is call 1-800-223-4570 or you can request it here

And no. I will not be on the cover. That is reserved for good looking women, rather than large, lumbering, James Gandolfini look alikes. The Dillon cover is always an attractive girl with a gun. (running joke, if you identify the gun on the cover of The Blue Press before you notice the girl you might be a gun nut). I’m sure that this helps keep the subscriptions up. 🙂

19 Responses

  1. “if you identify the gun on the cover of The Blue Press before you notice the girl you might be a gun nut”

    Uh, no danger of that. Definitely subscribing.

  2. I just got my first copy of The Blue Press in the mail this week and I did not even subscribe! Here’s my theory: I have purchased both of your books from Amazon and B&N. I am a regular reader of your blog. I clicked the links and read the stories you and Nightcrawler wrote. Something tells me that one of those things put me on a cookie-based mailing list somewhere? Any ideas which one?

    I am not necessarily complaining – I found a Christmas present for my dad in it – but I am sure I am on some DHS/BATF watchlist now! Thanks a lot for that!! (HA!)

    On the other hand, I live in Texas, support law enforcement, and vote straight (R), so maybe that figured in as well…

    While I am here, I have a suggestion for any future MHI books – I would love to see an undead outbreak during a football game in Tuscaloser, preferably while they are playing Mississippi State… since most bammer and MSU fans already have the IQ of a Zombie thanks to the inbreeding, it wouldn’t be a real stretch. What a challenge for MHI tho! Dealing with 90K+ Zombies! I am thinking a low yield nuke would be the best answer… 🙂 Since Julie is an AU grad, I am sure she would agree.

    Loved Vendetta – cannot wait for Alpha.

    War Eagle!


  3. Great! I just called Dillon and got back on their mailing list.

    Hey, Larry, thanks for adding a link to my website. Maybe some of the would-be monster hunters and/or gun-lovers out there need the services of a top notch gunsmith.

  4. Good for you Larry. Your gun knowledge is what keeps alot of us coming back.

  5. There’s a gun in that picture?

  6. Awesome. Maybe this will push your next books into the top 10 of the NYT.

    I’m reading another book where the “heroes” throw away perfectly good firearms while being chased by the baddies. 😐
    I don’t know if I can finish it.

  7. Wow I think my dad and I are gonna subscribe… thx for the announcement Larry (my favorite horror author… iread a lot of horror).

  8. i hope they print the story on the cover or i may never get to it.

  9. Well, crap, I just thumbed through the whole issue & didn’t see the article!

  10. Hank’s right, Larry; your interview isn’t in the December issue… maybe January?

  11. I’m sorry, did you say something?

  12. Nice cover. 🙂

  13. Any way for your fans outside the US to get hold of the article? 🙂

  14. gun on the cover, gun on the…oh, there it is!

  15. Hey guys and gals, Duane Thomas (aka Larry Correia Blue Press article writer/interviewer) here. To answer the “Your article’s not there, what’s up?” question, the tradition with newsstand magazines is that the date you see on the cover is when the book comes OFF the stands, not when it goes on. Though The Blue Press is not actually a newsstand publication it follows that tradition, so the Jan 2011 issue (which contains the Larry article) will actually be out on December 1st 2010.

    Four days and counting.


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