My geeky hobbies #2

As many of you know, I decided that I wasn’t nearly geeky enough. So I decided to try my hand at making custom MHI action figures. Frankensteining together GI-Joes, sculpting new bits, and painting them to look like various MHI characters is actually kind of fun and relaxing. All of these need some touch up and work still.

Earl Harbinger’s head comes off of a GI Joe Dusty, body off of Recondo, and I made his leather jacket out of something off of Zartan. I sculpted a drop leg to hold the Smith & Wesson. The Thompson and revolver come from Marauder.

Holly Newcastle is a repainted Agent Helix from the GI Joe movie. This was my first attempt at painting and it shows. I need to do a ton of touch up. The MHI patch came out pretty good considering that it is tiny. The holster was my first sculpting attempt also, and it came out kind of ugly. Think I might try to polish it into better shape and repaint.

Julie came out pretty good. Same body as Holly (there aren’t a lot of good GI Joe sized female bodies I’ve discovered). Head is off the Baroness, which is appropriate, since Julie looks like the Barnoness. (also, just like my wife, which means that it is awesome to be me).  The M-14 came from Marauder. The dropleg works with a 1911.

Edward the orc started out as Snake Eyes. The coat is from Snow Job. I sawed off Snake Eye’s visor and painted a proper orc face. Ed’s expression came out perfect. It’s that sorta bored, I’m about to mulch these guys… wonder who’s on O’Reilly tonight face.

Skippy came out really good, considering that I started with a really crappy blue GI-Joe The Movie generic soldier body. I gave him the flight suit. Head is from Beachhead, repainted to proper orcish colors. Vest is from the Snake Eyes I cannabalized for Edward.

Albert Lee came out pretty good. He started as a Storm Shadow. Vest is from Beachhead. I wanted to try some Tiger stripes out on somebody, and then for kicks I decided to construct a 3gun shell caddy. At this point I’m getting a little more confident on the sculpting. That caddy came out good.

Trip Jones also came out pretty good. The head is from Heavy Duty and the body is mostly Snow Job. The vest is Recondo. Everything is repainted. I sculpted the dreadlocks. Before painting it looked like he had an octopus growing out the back of his head. You can’t see from this side, but there is a working tomahawk holder on the other side. You can see the handle at the bottom.

Milo still needs lots of work. Snowjob head on Dusty body. The red beard was just too perfect to pass up.

I’m still working on Owen (lots of sculpting), Sam, Gretchen, and Agent Franks.

40 Responses

  1. Nice! Gotta love the smirk on the Julie’s face.

  2. I think I love you.

  3. You sir are…awesome. Julie is dead nuts on.

  4. awesomesauce

  5. Very nice. I collect the 12″ Joe’s and was thinking about doing some sculpting and sewing to make some monster hunters. a relaxing and fun way to be creative.

  6. Wow! Your inner geek dwarfs my inner geek

  7. Haha I love it

  8. How do you find the time???!!! Book writing out the wazzoo, collaborative writing with at least two other writers out the same overused wazzoo, full time job, time for the Wife (If she is even half as awesome as Julie…DUUUUDE!!!), family time, range time, cleaning the babies time, AND you have time to Merchandise???!!!
    And you have time to craft Action Figure prototypes…I always thought of Holly with longer hair though. Like the smile or is that a smirk? LOL!


    I bow to your time management awesomeness!

  9. They all look great.

  10. I’m duly impressed Larry. Earl looks like a figure you could buy off the shelf as-is. My favorite customized part in here is Lee’s shell caddy. That’s awesome.

    I’d love to have you show these off on joecustoms some time.

  11. Those are super awesome.

  12. The figurines look awesome!

    And on a completely unrelated note, did you hear that Pete Abrams will be attending LibertyCon 2011?

  13. it’s official. if you ever get this book made into a movie. brad pitt has to play Earl Harbinger’s

  14. What Ray said: where do you find the time?!?!

  15. Oh my god Larry…they are awesome! I would like one of each please! -L- seriously, they should be made available for purchase. Great job on the work man, Cant wait to see how Owen turns out.

  16. So Larry… do you suffer from AMS, or are you enjoying every minute of it?

    *AMS = Advanced Modelers’ Syndrome

  17. Wait, wait… let me get this straight. You’re going to Frankenstein a body for Agent Franks?

    Just checking.

  18. Dude, you’re a boss!

  19. My son got me hooked on your Monster Hunters books and now I am waiting ‘impatiently’ for the next one to come out. I love your characters and was really anxious to see Owen and Franks. They are my two faves and can’t wait till you get them done. Keep up the good work-books and characters.

  20. Nice! Larry you obviously aren’t busy enough…LOL

  21. Holly looks like she’s rolling her eyes…

    …Trip must have said something really geeky again.

  22. Damn those are awesome! I can’t wait to see Milo finished. And an Agent Franks.

  23. Mr Correia,

    Do you EVER sleep??? Writing, touring, selling books, shooting. When do you have time to do model making?

    I bow towards Utah out of total respect.

  24. I suddenly feel so very ungeeky. 🙂

  25. What do you sculpt the extra pieces out of?

  26. I am most impressed with Edward and Skippy.

    They look a lot like what my imagination put together from your stories.

  27. Holly Newcastle…obviously a dye job!


  28. For Gretchen this is the first that popped into mind from Star Wars.
    Definite repaint needed but not a bad start

  29. awesome…they look so exactly like I pictured them from your writing.

  30. Man, The MHI figures you made blew me away!

  31. OK. after reading Bindy’s review on JoeCustoms and having nothing to read I decided to give the books a try. The characters look about how I’d picture them as well. I could see BenchPress maybe used for Pitt and a Incredible Hulk figure for Franks. lol. Your way lots better than I am in customizing.

  32. I thought that this looked kind of strange, but seemed to fit the rest of the topic on this page (thought the gun looks kind of wimpy)::


  33. Huh. I was actually working on some fan art of Earl and stumbled on this. This helps A LOT with coloring. Thanks! 🙂

    Not to mention just how plain awesome this is.

  34. […] Okay, I’ve been talking about mine a lot, but Dr. Bindy just posted here and gave me a head’s up on this Kickstarter that is nearly over. This is the company I used for guns and gear when I made my custom MHI action figures. […]

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