Who wants an autographed copy of The Grimnoir Chronicles: Hard Magic?

It is almost time! So I need to get a rough head count. Hard Magic will be out in May. For those of you that don’t know, this is my alternative-history/epic-fantasy/adventure/pulp/noir/diesel-punk extravaganza. No BS, but I honestly think it is the best thing I’ve ever written.

When Monster Hunter Vendetta came out last year, I decided to steer all of the Monster Hunter Nation (i.e. you guys) that wanted autographed copies toward a store that reported to all the bestseller lists. We used Uncle Hugos because they were the bookstore that introduced me to Baen to begin with.

This turned out to be a Win-Win for both of us. MHV was the #1 bestseller and MHI was the #3 bestseller for them for the year. The large number of books sold at such an important indy store in one week helped boost me in the rankings enough that I ended up on the New York Times bestseller list.

So we’re going to do it again, only this time, we’re going to do it better.

Last time the books were shipped to me, I signed them and then I shipped the books to Uncle Hugos, and then he shipped them to you. Because of shipping times back and forth you guys didn’t get them as fast as I hoped. So this time I’m flying to Minnesota at the end of April and signing them all in person. Once I get back from Uncle Hugos, I’ll be spending two weeks doing signings in Utah, Phoenix, San Diego, LA, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Tacoma, and Boise.   

If you’ve not read the sample chapters of Hard Magic, the following link will take you to the first seven for free. Check it out.


What I need from you guys is to please post here to let me know if you want autographed copies, and how many you want of hard cover, and how many you want in trade paperback. Remember, there will only be a single limited run of hard covers, so when they are gone, they are gone.  Originally we were only going to have a trade paperback release, but it was becasue of the success of MHV that they squeezed in a run of hard covers too.

The trades are probably $15 and the hard covers are probably $25.  Please post how many of each kind you want in the comments below. Please be honest so we can get a good count, and if you know any Correia fans that don’t check this blog, please spread the word.

Thanks. -Larry

EDIT to clarify some questions.

1. Uncle Hugos ships to APOs and out of the US, no problem.

2. I will be doing a book signing at Uncle Hugos in person for the locals.

3. I will post again here when we are ready to start taking orders. It will go through their shopping cart and I’ll provide a link. Don’t worry, I’ll spam it across the internet. 🙂

4. There should be an E-Arc of TGC:HM, but I don’t know the date. They are doing the final typesetting and sticking the artwork in currently.

Baen-May-2011-Hard Magic Sell-Sheet[1]



165 Responses

  1. I’ll take two.

  2. Yup, I want one! The story rocks!

  3. We’d love to have at least one of each! I love the hardback books…my hubby loves paperback! Keep up the great work!

  4. One of each for me!

    (Also, um. Larry, I want a *personalized* signed copy … can it be done without affecting your sales numbers?)

    • Kathy, best bet then is to catch me at one of the Washington signings. I won’t be able to do personalizations on the mail order ones, since I’ll be signing hundreds at one time.

      • Of, course, you know you get special treatement. So I’ll get you an under the table boot leg.

        And for the rest of you, that’s for pax only! 😀

  5. One of each. One to read one to stay on the shelf.

  6. One paper, one hardcover. Is there a better way to get notice of when they’ll be ready to order than just watching the blog?

  7. I’m good for a Hardcover please.

  8. I’m in for a paperback.

  9. I would like 1

  10. May, huh? Perfect timing: I’ll be swimming in money from graduation gifts.

    Autographed Hardback for me, please. I’ll buy a “regular” paperback at some point as a loaner copy.

  11. 1 autographed hard cover please.

  12. I’ll take a paperback!

  13. One hard cover for me.

  14. Count me in for an autographed paperback, and like Raptor, I’ll be planning on picking up a “regular” paperback so I have a copy to force on friends and family.

  15. When you say “trade paperback” do you mean the larger, almost hardcover size paperback? or a “normal” paperback size, like MHI and MHV?


  16. Larry, I would love to get a signed hardcover copy as a gift for Jan. Thanks,
    Rich Pedersen

  17. You can count me in for one of the hard cover copies.

  18. Hook me up for a hardcover, pleezkthx!

  19. One hardcover please!

  20. Put me down for a hard cover, please.

  21. I’d love one of each.

  22. I’d like one hardcover please Larry.

  23. I’d like one. But i live in Australia so I’d need to know what the deal with postage would be. You know what would also be cool – A digitaly signed version, with your signature on a scanned copy of the cover that is numberd and bundled with the E-ARC from baen.

    I’d bay a non significant amount of money for that.

  24. I’ll take one hardcover, please!

  25. i would like one please.

  26. 4 hard copies for me Larry.

  27. One in hardcover, please.

    Also, how do we order? Is there a special form or do we just contact the store directly?

  28. I already have one of the paperbacks on pre-order from Amazon. Are you planning on having a signing at Uncle Hugo’s, or just going there to do the mass signing? Cause if it’s the former, you can definitely count me in for a hardcover and most likely count me in to show up in person for it (depending on my schedule at the time).

  29. Larry,

    One hard cover please.

  30. Sign me up for a Hard Copy.

  31. One paperback please, to go along with MHI and MHV.

  32. One hard and one soft if you please. Thanks!

  33. 1 hardcover, 2 softcovers for me.

    I swear, every time you come out with a book I gotta buy extras for the family.

  34. I’ll take one paperback.

  35. One hardback for me. Thanks!

  36. Oh, and when (if?) will the eArc for TGC be coming out? I’ve got cash for that one as well. You listenin’ to me, Baen Books? 😉

    The MHV eArc came out four or five months early, so hopefully, fingers crossed, the TGC eArc will be coming out within the next month as well.

  37. Let’s do the yin/yang thingy – I’ll take one hard and one soft.

  38. One Hardcover for my personal use and one paperback to give away as ppl will ask for it 😉

  39. I’ll take one hard back, and two soft cover.
    Sadly, I won’t be able to take possession of them myself, since they’ll be hitting while I’m overseas. I’ll be sure to get a commercial release paperback sent to me. If it gets digitally released early enough, I’ll take it with me in that format!

  40. 4 hard and 2 softs
    We’re waiting on the earc as well.

  41. One paperback, one hardcover (Yeah!!!)

    Can’t wait……

  42. 2 paper backs for me please.

  43. One hard cover for us and three paperbacks to loan out to people for them to read.

  44. Gotta have a hard cover!!! One Please!

  45. Is there going to be a public signing when you come to Minnesota??? It would be awesome to meet you for a signed copy!!

  46. I’ll take a hardcover.

  47. 1 Hardcover autographed please.

  48. 1 hard cover please!!!


  49. I’ll take 1 hard cover and 1 paperback.

    Loved MHI & MHV, by the way. Can’t wait for MHA!

  50. 2 paperbacks

  51. One hardcover please 😉

  52. I’d like 2 paperbacks, thanks.

  53. You can count me in for one of each!
    (And when are you coming out to the East Coast?!?)

  54. I would like a hard back, and two paperbacks pretty please!

    See you in Vegas next week. We will swing by the STI booth Tue morning.

  55. I’d like a 1 hardcover

  56. Does this mean the public signing at Uncle Hugo’s (in May, IIRC?) is off?

    I’ll go for one hardcover regardless. And a trade paperback if there isn’t a public signing at Uncle Hugo’s.

  57. I’m down for one hardcover.

  58. In for one hardcover.

  59. Larry, I haven’t read the sample but, based on your other books, I DO want an autographed copy. Hell, I want autographed copies of ALL your books.

  60. 1 hard, 1 soft for me

  61. I good for one hardcover.

  62. I want one, but I’ll have to catch you at one of the signings… Are you going to make an East Coast swing this time?

  63. I’m in for at least one!

  64. I like to collect series all in the same edition.

    If you think there is a good probability of there being a hard back edition of every book in the series, I would like to get a signed hard back.

    Otherwise, sign me up for a signed trade press edition.

    Either way, I defiantly want one.

    BTW, any chance of a signing up at the bookstores in Logan anytime soon?

  65. A hardcover, at the least, maybe a trade paperback as well.

  66. I would like one of the hardcovers, please!

  67. 1 hard cover please.

  68. I want a hardcover for sure, and most probably a paperback.

    Let me know how to go about sending payment 🙂

  69. Put me down for one hardback please sir.

  70. Im in for 1 paperback

  71. 1 hardcover, please.

  72. I’ll take two hardcovers. Keep up the good work!

  73. Yep, I’ll take a hardback, please!

  74. I’d be interested in a hardback

  75. Put me down for one hardcover copy, please, Larry. Thanks.

  76. Already have one on pre-order. What about some Texas signings? Houston loves you!!

  77. I’m in for 1 hardcover copy!

  78. I’d like one hard one trade and I’ll see you in april at hugo’s!

  79. Two here.

  80. Larry, I would like one hard cover. Thanks

  81. I’m in for one hard cover and one soft cover. Thanks Larry and I hope that you encourage other authors to do signings like this as well.

  82. Make sure you let us know when you’re gonna be in L.A.

  83. I’m in for one of each.

  84. I would like one hardback copy

  85. I’ll be ordering two hardcovers. I may or may not go with a trade paperback… If it’s signed, I’m not gonna be lending it out to friends!

  86. I’ll take a HC. But yeah, it would be nice if the series had a HC for each.

  87. I’ll take an HC. Will you be able to do this for all up coming releases?

  88. I would like two autographed hardbacks, please.

  89. I’ll go in for a paperback 🙂 Big fan.

  90. I’m in for 2 hardcover copies.

  91. I’m in for a autographed copy.

  92. Larry, I’ll take 3 signed hard copies please.

  93. I’m in for one signed hardback.

  94. One signed hardback please.

  95. I will be happy to purchase an autographed paperback copy.

  96. One hardcover, if you please.

  97. One signed Hardback please for me, Larry.
    Am looking forward to getting that book in my hands.

  98. One of each please.

  99. I’m in for a paperback.

  100. Oh hell yes. One Hardcover and 2 paperback please. They make great gifts.

  101. one hardcover plase.

  102. Count me in for 1 paperback

  103. One of each please.

  104. I would like two autographed hardbacks. Thank you for doing this!

  105. One for me!

  106. I’d be interested in a copy in hardback.

  107. One paperback and one hardcover

  108. one HC for me, and one non-autographed trade for the local servicemen’s lounge in MN.

  109. I’d like a copy in hardback.

  110. Hells yea! I am going to want a hard copy and a paperback! Both of them scrawled on by your merchant of death/ writer type meat fist!

  111. I will be in for 1 hard cover.

  112. I’d like 1 copy of the trade

  113. One hardcover please.

  114. Count me in for a hard cover.

  115. I’ll be getting my autographed copy in person in Boise! 😀

    You just make darn sure you let us know when and where. 😉

  116. I will take two copies please (one for me and one for the wife)…

  117. One hard cover please!

  118. I’ll take one hard cover and one soft, both signed!

  119. One paperback and one hardcover please.

  120. I’ll take a hardcover for me and a paperback for the loaning out please! 😀

  121. Count me in for one signed hardback.

  122. I’ll take 1 hardcover, and 1 paperback.

  123. One hardcover and three paperbacks, please.

  124. One hardcover, please.

  125. I’ll take one.

  126. I’ll take one of each.

  127. One trade (paperback) for me please.

  128. I tried to place a pre-order for 2 hardback and 2 paperback autographed copies of your new book, but was unable to do so. How do I pre-pay and/or reserve the copies???

  129. One signed hardcover, please.

  130. If I can I’d like to have a signed copy of hardback and signed paperback! Loved getting signed copies of both MHI and MHV, would also love this.

  131. Two hardback here.

  132. One hardback please.

  133. Larry, I’m down for one of each.


  134. I’d love to have a hardback copy. I order MHI after The Blue Press ran their article on your work and now I’m hooked! Thank you Larry!

  135. Certainly would go for a signed hardcover.

  136. Larry,
    Put me down for a hard cover.

  137. One paperback, please.

  138. One of each please.

  139. I’ll take one hardcover.

  140. One hardback and one paperback for me please.

    I see that you are finally coming to Boise for a signing… ABOUT FREAKING TIME DUDE!!! Any chance I can get you to sign my 21″ Bura Chitlangi? Bought it from Uncle Bill when he was still with us and it was awesome to see one mentioned in MHV. If that is cool, I might have to grab a Ganga Ram and get it signed too!

    Be sure to grab lunch at Big Juds while you’re here!

  141. I’ll take one hardcover, please.

  142. I will buy one hard cover of HARD MAGIC.


  143. Please reserve two signed hardback copies and two paperbacks, all autographed, please.

  144. One paperback, please!

  145. I’m definitely in for one hardback copy, Larry.

  146. I am in for an autographed hard copy. Wish there was a way I could get hard copies of the monster hunter series.

  147. Please put me down for a trade version; the hardcover would be nice but this year the budget looks more ‘papier bach’ than hardcover,.

  148. Put me down for an autographed trade version.

  149. One autographed hard-bound, please.

  150. I’ll buy an autographed hardback.

    Post on how to order and simplify things for yourself!

    Your books are FUN.

  151. Put me down for a signed hardback, please.

    In fact, might as well register interest for all of the novels you’re doing this year.

  152. I will take 1 hardback autographed copy and 1 softback autographed copy Sir. Thank You kindly

  153. Two signed hardbacks please. Thanks Larry.

  154. Pls sign me up for a paperback!

  155. Please count me in for one autographed hardcover and one autographed trade paper version. Thanks in advance for your hand fatigue.

  156. I’ll take one of each please! Ta much!
    Wil definitely be getting the e-ARC for my kindle as soon as it’s available, as I did for Vendetta, but I would like the hardcopies also for my collection.

  157. I’d like one, please!

  158. I’ll take one hard cover copy!

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