When graphic artists get bored… GrimLarry

I was born to pulp.

My buddy Rabbit decided that I was a Heavy.

23 Responses

  1. I really like this, good job Rabbit!

  2. Sweet!

  3. i actually like it more than the real one, haha

  4. oooooh! you should have used that, it looks great!

  5. Please tell me there will be a edition with this cover! some kind of Larry Correia Signature Series with commemorable fedora

  6. Love this!

  7. He needs a scar.
    Scar Face Larry?
    Scar Correia?

  8. I love the “New York Times Best Selling Author Larry Friggin Correia” referrence. It’s a nice touch.

  9. Just put that on the back jacket as the author headshot.

  10. Can we get a print of this?


  11. Love it!

    Another vote for a special edition cover

  12. Awesome! Do a kindle version with that cover…

  13. I really almost spit coffee when I saw this. Thanks for the laugh!

  14. Well, when you are NYTBSA L.F. Correia, do you really need a reason to be awesome? I think not!

    Good job, Rabbit! Looks good! Can we see one where his eyes are all aglow? Red or bluegreen maybe?

  15. That really would be a kick-ass cover.

  16. That would make a sweet cover.

  17. I agree with Larry (the squirrel avatar). I think I might like that better than the actual cover. Of course, the big-bosomed lady isn’t there, but you can’t have everything.

  18. LOL- Well, it DOES fit Larry 🙂

  19. That’s the hardcover jacket! Frakking brilliant!

  20. Hey, wait a minute. Larry did you sell worldwide rights? If not, you’ve got your ebook cover for all those territories wanting some.

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