The Zombie Panel  I was on a panel at CONduit discussing zombies. We had a blast. Probably one of the funner panels I’ve been on.  I was up there with my friends, co-author Mike Kupari, ghosthunter Tom Carr, artist & writer Zach Hill, writer Jaleta Clegg, and writer & b-movie expert Nathan Shumate.

Have a listen. We had a good time on this one.

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  1. excellent panel, I wish I could have made to the con. Have you read J.L. Bourne’s zombie series day by day armageddon and beyond exile, if you haven’t I highly recommend them along w/peter clines Ex-heroes because who doesn’t love superheroes and zombies.

  2. Listening to that panel makes me want to start my Zombie story again. Sounds like you guys had fun.

  3. Here is video

    • YES!! MHA reference! I read the eARC and that part with the snow cutter was AWESOME!! I just hope the whole MH series comes out in Hardback just so I can have the “official” collection.

  4. I had so much fun and happy I recorded it.

  5. Once again, sorry I interrupted you guys.

  6. OK, I laughed by ass off!

  7. That was a great panel. They mentioned “Aaaah! Zombies” and that was really cool. It was just so different from all of the others and I thought it was hilariously awesome.

  8. Plus the sidebar conversation between Correia and Kupari about the Swedish K or the S&W 76 in “Omega Man” cracked me up (pretty sure it was the S&W). Only true gun nuts need to clarify EXACTLY what firearms were used in a movie.

  9. Were any of the other panels recorded? I would love to hear some of them.

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