BOOK BOMB! For all the Lovecraft and Pulp fans especially.

Okay everybody, I’ve found something fun.

ARCANE: Penny Dreadfuls for the 21st Century.

I know that many of my fans are fond of Lovecraft, and some of you love the old horror/mystery/adventure pulps. I’m a big fan. (which anybody that has read pretty much everything I’ve published knows). Well, we’re not alone. 

Nathan Shumate is a friend of mine. I reviewed his last book on here, The Golden Age of Crap, which is the single best B-Movie review book ever made. Nathan is a huge fan of the old horror pulps, and has taken on a new project. He is trying to bring back that type of magazine, filled with those types of stories. Nathan is serving as editor, and has pulled together a good batch for this first issue.

I got a copy at CONduit. It is solid. I’m really rooting for Nathan, as there is definately a need for a modern penny dreadful.

Please, check it out, and support an editor that is trying to do something interesting.

Right now ARCANE is at Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #423,832 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)  and I know the Monster Hunter Nation loves it some pulps, so we should be able to boost that a bit for them.

While you are over on Amazon, check out this anthology edited by my friend Paul Genesse. I had an excerpt from Hard Magic in there. (The Bull King). In the second edition, I will have an original story. (working on that now, since the rough draft of Spellbound just went out to Reader Force Alpha).


6 Responses

  1. Larry doesn’t need me to tell the world how cool he is. Nevertheless, Larry is extra-super-cool. With a gun-toting cherry on top.

  2. so for us noobz, what is a penny dreadful? i can’t find any kind of plot or summary about this book? every page talks about it without identifying it.

  3. Dave,

    Arcane is a magazine, so there isn’t any one plot; it’s got ghosts, mummies, Deep Ones, under-worshiped gods…

    (A “penny dreadful” is the old-style cheap pulp stories of the late 19th century.)

  4. Sweet. I love the pulps.

    Ordered! I got me some reading to do tonight.

  5. Arcane and Crimson Pact are the first Kindle books I have purchased (Kindle app on Android phone). Finished Arcane, a fun read. Working on Crimson Pact.

  6. Friend of mine with a bookstore just got a set of original Arkham House first editions out of an estate. The stash has about eight volumes in total WITH dust covers. It’s probably going to cost me $40-$50 per book – OUCH!!!!

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