Fun with Pictures time! MHI Zippo, Real Men of Genius, Yard Moose, and More!

I’ve mentioned the Earl Harbinger Zippo that was sent to me as a present from some fans before, but have always forgotten to take a picture. But I’ve been on a kick of playing wth my iPhone, so here goes.  

Earl Harbinger Approved

 You can even see my fingers in the reflection. Those fingers can type 85 words per minute, baby.

Next up, we took our annual Summer trip to Lagoon last week.  For those of you that remember this:  Here is a better picture of the Ody-Sea. It hungers for your gonads.


Up here in the mountains where I live, we’ve got all sorts of animals. I got a picture of this big girl when I was pulling into my driveway the other day. I was able to get this picture out the window of a moving Taurus before she got away.

Action Shot! YARD MOOSE!

This next picture is to illustrate my finely tuned problem solving skillz. I needed to edit the other night. Editing requires caffeine. I had Coke Zero. However, the kids had used all of my big cups, and since editing requires Coke Zero by the gallon, I couldn’t use a small cup. Plus, it was warm, and that meant I needed to put ice in it.  A 2 liter bottle is like a cup, but the ice cubes from the ice maker were too big to fit through the hole in the top… Insurmountable problem? 

TAh DAh!  So I cut a hole in the side of the bottle and shoved ice cubes through. Then to prevent leakage (because in the heat of editing, I can’t be expected to remember to keep the hole pointed up) I covered it in duct tape. Mission accomplished. I am a Real Man of Genius.

And to think that Barack Obama says that us best selling authors don’t earn our money! Ha! Showed him!

Our next two pictures were sent in by members of the Monster Hunter Nation. Both were from MHI themed birthday parties.

The Cake is a Lie! Oh... wait... nevermind.

And these folks dressed up as MHI characters for a party. My favorite is the Elf Queen in the red mu-mu and the G-nome.

The Monster Hunter Nation… Well armed and not afraid to dress up!

As many of you know, I have many geeky hobbies. I am either a King of Nerds, or a King-Sized Nerd (or so Bob Westover says,. Thanks a lot, Bob).  In the past I’ve built custom MHI action figures. Now I’m trying my hand at painting minis. (I’m still learning on the small stuff, so no pics yet).  However, I’m too much of a dork to paint the existing ones. Oh no, I have to make the minis match the actual characters from my monthly Writer Nerd Game Night. (4 novelists, 2 book reviewers, and an artist. About as literate a bunch of nerds as you’ll find). So last night I sawed one figures head off and glued it onto somebody else’s body.

Nerd surgery

Now I just need to learn how to paint a kubuki face and I’m good to hook. This one is for Paul Genesse.

And now for your amusement, here is a picture of a wombat.

From CorreiaTech's Bio-Weapons and Children's Toys Division

I did not take this picture. But wombats just make me laugh. He he he.


32 Responses

  1. Excellent photos and problem-solving skillz!

  2. I like the duct tape, but whenever I find an ice cube is too big to fit into something I just run it under hot water until it shrinks enough.

  3. Larry, if you need some tips on painting minis, either ask me or go to the following forum:

    I’ve been painting minis for over 25 years.

  4. Wait, back in 1895, should it still be Bubba’s Professional Monster Hunter? Or as the organization, it was founded in 1895.

  5. I’m waiting for someone to post an MHI tattoo.

  6. Are you using a can opener to hold your mail up on the kitchen counter? Ingenious….

    • Nope, that’s just Mrs. Correia’s cluttered kitchen counter. That’s me walking down the hallway. Just did 10 miles of walking and hiking that afternoon. He’s lucky I let him play with the duct tape. 🙂

      • Ahhh! The Lovely Mrs. Correia just posted to my blog!

      • I just have to say: you must the be the sweetest wife in the world. Mine would personally have me strung up (probably with her own hands) for posting an equivalent picture on my blog. 🙂

  7. I fully have plans to get an MHI tattoo ASAP. Will post pics when I get it done.

  8. I love the cake. That is one big Combat Wombat. That’s like the .50 BMGs of Combat Wombats.

  9. Hey Larry have you seen the Discovery channel show Sons of Guns? I watched it for the first time last night and thought of Milo’s work shop in MHI.

    • I love that show, I keep expecting Larry to walking in and ask Will to build him a real Abomination

      • I’d love to see that get done!

      • Hey, man, patience. I just need cashflow and availability to come together on getting my Saiga and once I’ve finished the prototype I’ll send Larry the Engineering Data Package.

        😀 LOL

  10. Yet another use for duct tape!

  11. I’ve been painting minis since the mid-80s. It’s a great hobby. As for the kabuki face, hell, paint it up like one of the guys from KISS. I’d go for anyone but Paul Stanley. His makeup always looked a little light in the loafers for me.

    And speaking of minis, when are you going to get someone working on converting the Hard Magic world into a tabletop wargame?

  12. Damn fine Duct Tape job. I have used Duct tape to help secured a MVA patient to a backboard ( Deep in the Boonies, somewhere past Skippy’s place I do believe ), So, yes, Duct does save lifes! Great looking Wombat. Larry, Damn you need to start selling those Zippos! I would love to whip that lighter out and lit my De la Joya with it, while duck hunting with my crew. Take care, keep up the fine work, Larry.
    Bayside EMT

  13. Where can I get one? The Zippo — and a wombat too, of course…

  14. Ooooh! Zippo! Shiny!
    Want! Like! Burning!
    (The wombat, not so much.)

  15. Just wait til you find out that wombats are the only animal to make cube-shaped droppings. That puts wombats right up there with the coolest animals ever.

  16. Larry,

    Sig-Sauer P250 9mm, thoughts?

  17. Larry, you gotta put heads together with the guys who commissioned those Zippos and get ’em into production!

  18. can i buy a zippo like that somewhere it’s badass

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