Monster Hunter International Patch Contest II: The Patchening!

It is that time again! Two years ago I held a create your own Monster Hunter International team patch contest, and the winning teams got official cameos in Monster Hunter Vendetta, and became official parts of the MH universe.

The fan winner from last time was Utah County, and the author’s pick was the Atomic Nerds.

Check out the awesomeness from the first Monster Hunter International Patch Contest here:

I didn’t do one last year, because if you’ve read Monster Hunter Alpha, then you know that it was more limited in scope, and there weren’t any other teams introduced. However, right now I’m working on Monster Hunter Legion, where once again there will be many MHI teams present, but there will also be rival companies from around the world.

The CONTEST:  Create your own MHI or rival Monster Hunting company patch, using whatever yoru creative abilities are, and then send it to me at .  The contest will run for the entire month of September.

The RULES: Unlike last time, the patch doesn’t have to be in subdued colors (since most of you ignored that anyway). If it is an MHI team, then it needs to say MHI or Monster Hunter International somewhere on it and 1895 for the founding year.  These do not need to be in English if you are taking it out of the country. 

If your unit is non-MHI, then feel free to do whatever you want.  MHL opens at an international conference of monster hunting professionals, and there are representatives from all over the world, governmental or private. Have fun with it.

I don’t care if you do it with fancy computer programs or color it in crayon, but for me to post it, it will need to be a Jpeg.

Make sure you include what town/region your patch represents in the title, because that’s what they will be known as in the voting.

Once the contest is over, we will be holding a vote here on Monster Hunter Nation to find the fan favorite. The winner (s)* will appear in Monster Hunter Legion. There will be as many winners as I personally feel like.

*since I’m doing this for fun, and I’m the author, I can basically do whatever I want. So if ya’ll pick something horrible, that there is simply no way I can fit it into the book, I retain veto power. But I trust you guys… Mostly…  Usually… If for example, you put your team in a region that already has an established team, then I may need to tweak your location.

Entries are due the last day of September.

The PRIZE:  The winner’s team will get a mention in MHL, and I will send you an autographed copy of MHL when it comes out.  

Last time I made up a batch of Utah County patches. I made way too many of them, and ended up giving most away at book signings, so I can’t promise that I will manufacture the winning patch this time.

However,  if you are particularly proud of your patch, and want to make one for yourself, I’ll gladly point you toward my friend Hopie, who specializes in doing small runs of custom patches. She’s done a few for other members of the Monster Hunter Nation that look awesome.  Her contact info is below.

Crooked Stitch Creations, Custom Embroidery
Hopie Lopez-Boyett, Head Thread Pusher
You can find my fan page on Facebook listed as Crooked Stitch Creations
or go directly to my ETSY shop <> .
Email any questions to

If you do have Hopie make a patch for you, I want pictures!

I will post the entries here into this blog post as often as possible.

And please, spread the word! Tell your friends, post this to your blog, bathroom graffiti, whatever. We had around 50 entries last time, and that was with only one book out.  I want this to be an awesome patch contest.

Finger Lakes

In God we trust, all others we nuke

Supernatural Animal Control - British ColombiaDC Metro Maniacs

South Florida Gator Baiters

DC Metro Maniacs

Omaha Stakes

MHI Coastal Rangers 1

MHI Coastal Rangers 2

Team Two Rivers, from Supernatural Defense Inc.

7 Sea Solutions

MHI Bayonne Brawlers

MHI Harlem NY

Piasa Pest Extermination

MHI Carolinas

MHI R&D Labrats

MHI Texas

New Delhi India

GKET: Genyusha Kaiju Elimination Technologies

S3: Sinistral Security Solutions

Texas Bullmen

MHI Wyoming

Deep Run, North Carolina, Destroyers

Hudson Valley River Monsters (independant)

Hudson Valley River Monsters (after joining MHI)

Tombaugh Station

MHI CenTex

Oregon BAMF

STFU subdued


AG Munitions

Angels of Undeath

Arch and Dragon, St.Louis

Australia Terror

Celt Hunters

Clan Glassman

Grimm, Berlin

Hyena Bomb

MHI Idaho

Lady Hunters


Livingstone Institute

Maryland Zombie Response Team

MHI St Louis


Moosebme 2


Royal Australian Anti Supernatural Creature Force


Tampa Florida

Team Jabberwocky

Team Stonewall

Team Morituri

Texas Unnatural Guard

Zomie Awareness International

Zombie Emergency Response Team

Zombie Awareness International 2


Angels of Undeath






Dixie Choppers


Though by far the prettiest, this one is ineligible to win, because I can't put that in the book. 🙂


Arizona Air Wing


Vatican, Omega Legion


Briarwood Eradication Services




Montana, Faith in Big Guns



Poland: White Eagle Contracting


Sammiel Corp




Tombstone Gravediggers

Turkey Point Submarine Corps


3Cs patch


3rd Shift


Aces 2


Agents of Ra


Alaska Last Frontier


Aussie Rocket Wombats




Bootheel Swampers






Columbia River Gorge


Team DbD


Excaliber Customs International


Full Moon Exterminators


Kalamazoo County Crypt Kickers




Memphis Belles


Merry Damned


MH Iowa


South Puget Sound


MHI Medical Corp


Midnight Minutemen


Ohio Valley




Archangles Inc.


LA Avengers


Miskatonic University


Team Frostbite










Las Vegas, for the beer






Team Dakota




Monster Slayers


Montana Head Hunters


Nassau County


Northern Sierras


New York - Cookie Monster


NYPD monster task force


Ohio Team Patch


Ohio Valley






RCMP: Project Yard Moose


Big Sky Bounty Hunters




Union Thugs


Sesame Street Sweepers




Shoggoth Slayers




STARS of Texas



Southern Vermont Stump Jumpers



Tead Dread


Team Unifour


Team Apex


Team Kansas


Tueurs de Monstre


Van Helsing Institute - Amsterdam


169 Responses

  1. Yay! I have been having a lot of fun with this idea and have two entries I really like. Thanks for letting us play in your universe a litlle, Larry.

    Looking forward to seeing other entries.


  2. Count in a couple of entries from México.

    Good luck to all!

  3. SuperNatural Animal Control?


    Umm. Goodness.


    • Super Natural Animal Control is used in other fiction

      A Lee Martinez.

      (Would be awesome if Monster made an apearance)

      • I was unaware of that. I didn’t think I was being terribly original though. Not in the outfit name at least.

  4. Oh crap, I forgot about that possible acronym… It’s supposed to be all one word though…

  5. How about State-level government agencies… that are part of public sector unions? The Supernatural Extermination and Intervention Union. SEIU!

    • I really LIKE the idea of exterminating SEIU.

      Or did I misunderstand? Heh.

      • Well… that’s not exactly what I was thinking. I was imagining something more like a monster regulating bureaucracy filled with public sector union members that’s always taking coffee breaks or taking two or three union members to do the work of one private sector hunter. Or maybe having a group of union hunters bussed into a monster battle so they could hold signs and protest? I just thought calling them SEIU would be appropriate. Heh. They could even have purple uniforms. 😉

      • Hey Rev Paul, I submitted an SEIU one for ya!

  6. Well, since MHA was set in Michigan, we’ll need to work up a patch for us folks up here. I’ll have to get on that.

    • Don’t forget the Devil’s Snowcone maker on the Michigan one…



    • Base them in Hell Michigan. Actually, I should probably do that. Call them the Devil’s Advocates.

      • From Michigan here too, got mine sent in a few days ago and I’m even having Hopie make it up in patch form for me. It looks awesome. Its not up here on the page yet, but I still have my hopes.

  7. […] Monster Hunter International Patch Contest II: The Patchening! […]

  8. WOOHOO!!! Sent in mine already! Groovy Sauce!

  9. Got three in the brain sump.
    Gotta grab my trusty Crayolas.


  10. Can we get a list of the ‘cannon’ teams and their locations?

    • Yeah – this would be awesome to have somewhere 🙂

    • Which Cannon team? The one from the fingerlakes is Please mention MHI in subject to make sure it doesn’t get thrown out.

      • “Cannon” = “official as declared by the author/creator of a work of fiction.”

        So in this case a list of the teams Larry Correia says are ‘real’ monster hunting teams.

    • This is a rough list based on what is in the novels (Larry would
      have to verify that these are correct:

      Team Name/Team Leader/Location
      Team Harbinger/Earl Harbinger/Alamaba
      Team Haven/Sam Haven (Dec.)/Denver, Colorado
      Team VanZant/VanZant/?
      Team Boone/Boone/Atlanta, Georgia
      Team Hurley/Hurley/Miami, FL
      Team Paxton/Esmerelda Paxton/Seattle, Washington
      Team Cody/Benjamin Cody/Los Alamos, New Mexico
      Team Eddings/Eddings/?
      Team Mayorga/Mayorga/?
      Team Williams/Adam Williams/Kansas City
      ?/?/Utah County
      Team Phillips/Phillips/Minnesota?


  11. Expect a Patch submission from me very soon.

  12. Make sure that who ever used this :

    Has permission from Rotterdam Terror Corps to use its signature logo.

  13. Crap- I seems to have left all my artistic talent back in school. But poorly drawn or not, Papua New Guinea’s own “Monster Killers of Niugini” will have a patch in.

  14. Really, REALLY want one of the Oak Ridge patches (esp. since I live within fallout-spitting distance of the graphite reactor). Any contact info is welcomed.

  15. This contest is awesome!!
    I think you have two titles together on the 7 Sea Solutions patch. The title reads
    “7 Sea SolutionsMHI Wyoming Deep Run, North Carolina Destroyers”

  16. We will have a patch for Anchorage soon. Ice zombies, anyone?

  17. You have to wonder what happens when MHI travels long distances by plane and has to get past the TSA?

    ‘Mr. Harbinger, please remain calm and walk over here for a full pat down. Oh, and there is no smoking allowed here sir…’


  18. You know Sliver works great for killing monsters but us Texas Bullmen use depleted uranium. Mostly do to it smallest caliber is 30mm.

  19. Sorry not 30mm, .50cal. still a big hole.

  20. Woot! Submitted my patches last night. Hope to see em on here soon.

  21. I just received a dozen of our custom MHI Team patches from Crooked Stitch Creations. They look AWESOME! Hopie does great work, is fast, and is a pleasure to work with. The Head Thread Pusher even added hook Velcro to the backs of the patches so they can be swapped between bags and jackets. If you want to turn your design into a patch, I highly recommend contacting Hopie – she loves doing MHI work!

  22. I’m guessing Monster Hunter Interplanetary’s motto is “Have Space Suit, Will Travel”?

  23. Yes, the Tombaugh Station patch was for “Have Spacesuit, Will Travel”, with 1958 being the year it was published.

  24. Of course, with Papua New Guinea being a rough and rugged land, with an isolated population and a lot of monsters, I also have to include…

    -The Royal Australian Anti Supernatural Creature Force- who do a lot up in PNG, and in recient years, with all of the Chinese business interest moving in…

    -The People’s Liberation Army Special Unearthly Operations Forces- the PRC’s very own. I think that even Agent Franks would find them a bit too rough for even him.

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  26. Thrown my hat into the ring. Here’s hoping for the best!

  27. Is there a mailing address I can send them to? I have a couple of ideas that I really like but no way of doing them other than by hand. I suppose I could draw them and take a picture so you’d have a jpeg, but it wouldn’t be really reproducible.

    • I’m not really set up for that. It is pretty much .jpgs, and even then I’ve been a little overwhelmed with how many I’ve gotten this fast. (we broke the total of the last month long contest in the first 2 days this time)

    • you could draw the picture and then scan it with a printer/scanner. then touch it up with picture-editing software if you have any.

      If it makes you feel better, I had to do mine with paintbrush and powerpoint.

  28. Win or lose, it’s cool to see something I came up with on here.

    W00t for my boys SCI.

  29. So for I’m diggin’ the S3 patch the most, good one Sinastral. As an Eastern Arizona College alumni, gotta say the Gila Monster rocks.

  30. I see ours are up. Awesome. There are some really great submissions there. I love the creativity.

  31. There are some kicking patches being posted. Good lock to everyone. Now I am going to go see Pearl Harbor. To apsent companions!

  32. Thanks for posting the Zombie Awareness International patches! They look great on the page. A lot of awesome submissions. And a shout out to the SCI boys!

  33. Where’d the ZAI patch designs come from? The second one especially looks like it came straight from the USN. If you guys like knives, guns, zombies and other tactical type stuff, check out the USN, the Usual Suspect Network ( We have had our own zombie preparedness group for years. Overall it’s mostly about knives but there’s discussion about guns and shooting, good cigars, all sorts of tactical equipment…… We have members who sell all kinds of high quality stuff, lots of knifemakers, and just plain lots of good people.
    Oh Larry, you might want to, for MHI, check out Strider knives and RMJ forge axes. For sharp stuff as back-up to the guns, they’re two of the best companies in the world. And I can gauruntee that Strider would want to exhibit at a Worldwide Hunter’s event.

    • The ZAI patch came from my mind. We are about preparedness and education, and when needed, turning the walking dead’s heads into canoes. I will check out your site. We have a facebook site and a wordpress site. Just click on us.

  34. Here’s an idea for anyone with the artistic talent to do the design.
    ‘Miskatonic University Cryptozoology Department’
    “Studies, not Stakes”

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  36. This is kind of addictive. I even thought of doing one for the Monster Control Bureau’s Antarctic Station- the “Shivering Shoggoths”.

  37. I just sent in three, two serious, one…. Well, If Larry decides to put it up you’ll see.

  38. Just submitted 3 (2 with variations) we’ll see if Larry approves. If so I will add the descriptions and background info.

  39. […] Patch Contest By JP 5.56, on September 8th, 2011 Larry Correia, the author of some awesome novels, is having a contest where you submit a Monster Hunter International team patch idea, and the winning patch will be […]

  40. Sorry, misunderstood

  41. Got a few ideas I’m working with A friend on. Hope we can get them done in time.

    Plan on writing a fan fix about my two crews I’m creating with a lot of goodness to be posted with it.

  42. Excalibur here from above. worked on a few things tonight for my Crew.

    Excalibur Customs International

    The company has many divisions and Departments including the Excalibur Defenders, an international Monster hunting Team,

  43. Are new patches being posted in the original post, or are you saving them, Larry? I haven’t seen any new patches go up lately.

    • Larry’s going to be posting them here but he’s got a LOT on his plate right now so he’s falling behind. You know what a slacker he is… (yeah right)

  44. […] just posted a whole bunch more patches for the contest:…  And I still have a ton more, but I’m running […]

  45. Really wish I could draw, because I have an idea… 🙂 They look good so far, Larry. I particularly like the Arizona Air Wing patch.

    • Warcodova,

      I have some graphic software, so I can take a stab at it if you want some help and then email the result.


  46. SPORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Is there still time to submit a patch?

  48. I like the Larry Freaking Correia Inc. one 😛

  49. Patch sent in last night!

  50. Our patch and the back story went in Friday. Can’t wait to see the results.

  51. Larry..the next book you do on MHI…put all these patches in front on glossy pages..the fans would love it!

  52. Got to go with the lab rats.

  53. Think I’m gonna go with Poland’s White Eagle Military Contracting. Very tough call though.

  54. I gotta vote Vermont, though Korea and Team Frostbite were awesome.

  55. […] For someone to win to have their MHI team written into Monster Hunter Legion! You can see all the submissions here, and vote at this […]

  56. One vote for Chesapeake.

  57. For the non-MHI ones, I’m partial to the Celt Hunters and Van Helsing Institute ones.

    My vote would be for Celt Hunters simply because we don’t really need to drag Van Helsing into MHI (unless played by Peter Cushing).

  58. […] Yup, I went and submitted it again. […]

  59. I’m guessing I missed the submission with my patch over at the MHI Facebook:

    Someone has to counter the trolls on video games until a reactionary team can track them down…

  60. I like the Paranormal Eradication, Neutralization, and Intervention Services. There were others that were good.

  61. Is the Ohioteam sending the ight message?

  62. Sorry, is the Ohio team sending the right message?

  63. I vote for the Supernatural Extermination and Intervention Union, because I want to see Larry work it into a story.

  64. Too many people, having too much fun. 🙂

  65. Thought I’d add some details for my patch submissions in time for voting…

    MHI – Las Vegas Gremlins. Gremlins (aka: electro-monkeys) are always
    messing up servers and electronics which would cause HUGE problems of
    multi-billion dollar hotels with banks of servers controlling everything
    from security to keeping the ‘all you can eat’ buffet stocked. While not as
    action packed as some of the other postings you can’t beat the nightlife.

    ACES unit patch. American Cryptid Elimination Services. Motto “Aces
    wild”. A competitor for the American market this company is MHI’s number one
    contender (think Triple Canopy, EODT, or DynCorp in relation to Blackwater).
    Begrudgingly admitted by the MHI personnel as having “some pretty good
    folks”. They have had some good showings and put forth a professional image

    Cerberus Consulting. Foreign (I’m thinking British. Think Aegis)
    consulting company. Not a bad company to work for, relatively big business
    throughout Europe. HQ’d out of London but mostly deals with mainland Europe,
    Balkans and other locales dictated by contract. Professional, good at what
    they do, but very contract oriented, as in ‘If it’s not in the contract we
    can’t do it’ mentality (looking at you KBR!).

  66. Go Team Frostbite!

  67. Man, there are a lot of great designs in this group. I gotta go with the Day by Day patch as I am a huge fan of Sam. For great graphics though the Korea patch is amazing, would like to know the translation of the Korean motto.


    • The Korean translation just says “Korea Monster Hunters.” Not that exciting, but it looks cool. Thanks for the compliment.

  68. Sticks of Fire gets my vote.

  69. Dang. Gonna be hard to narrow down, my top-4 were Texas Bullmen (similar idea to what I wanted to submit…but I was too lazy/un-artistic to figure out how to do crossed-miniguns under the bull head), Texas Unnatural Guard, Librarians, and SMBH. But I think I’m gonna have to call it with Texas Bullmen. That’s my fav.

    I think the Korean patch translates out to (roughly) “All your monster are flavorful and nutritious by moonlight”. Sorta.

  70. Dang, so many good patches. Came down to DBD (gotta love Sam) and Massachusetts…

    Massachusetts takes it..

  71. […] Go HERE, and review all of the patches that were entered by fans into the […]

  72. I vote for Korea.

  73. Zombie Awareness International #2!

  74. As much as I’d like to vote for my own patch, its amateurish in comparison to what other people have done.

    my vote goes to the Zombie Awareness International 2 patch.

    I should have went with my original idea of a black background rounded patch for Excalibur Customs International.

  75. […] government agencies, and private military companies are to be featured in it.  Larry posted a design a patch contest last month, and voting is now open.  The winner gets a mention in the next […]

  76. Southern Vermont Stump Jumpers

  77. wow, so many awesome patches. My vote has to go to the Aussie Rocket Wombats though, I laughed so much, it would be hilarious to see in M.H.L. I bet Australian hunters would have trouble with poison spiders… oh wait, they do in real life.

  78. L.A.M.E.

  79. 1. Chesapeake
    2. Tombaugh
    3. DbD (Yay!)

  80. here are the details on mine:

    the first one of mine posted is Larry Freaking Correia INC, founded 1976 (my best guess at Larry’s birth year, I probably got it wrong, depends on when the last time he updated his ‘About Me’ page and what month he was born in.) was done purely for fun, and was actually the first patch I did-
    why? Because he’s Larry Freaking Correia. and you had better look out,
    ‘cuz his left hand shoots lightning while his right shoots a .45…

    the second is squad Red Falcon, the Latin translates literally ‘guardians ruin’ but the translation is ‘Keeper/guardian against ruin’ they operate out of an undisclosed state that Larry gets to choose, they specialize in vampires and other higher level undead, though they enjoy the occasional bout of zombies and a few rare lycanthropes too….

    the third(and final) is Sammiel Corporation(drop the LLC), Sammiel corporation was founded in 1975 by an ex-army ranger who strangled a harpie and found out about the PUFF from some people from MHI, after deciding to strike it out on his own with a couple ex-marines and some army grunts.
    the slogan originally was ‘the angel of death for all your demons’ but was changed to ‘you’ll fight were-tigers’ after a team took down a Siberian were-tiger in the kobuk Vally national park, that was- on top of being a were-tiger – also an illegal immigrant.

  81. The Omega one and, if you could bring it back, the kentucky head hunters.

  82. forgot to cast my vote:
    For MHI: I’d have to go with the Texas bull men, why? because I really, really want to see a 10 foot tall minotaur bash a zombie with a giant mallet.

    for the MHI’s competitors- I’ll have to say its a tie between the Van helsing institute and Cerberus…. Nah, Cerberus wins, it’s original.

  83. I cast my vote for Texas bullmen

  84. Team Chesapeake, go Colin!

  85. Also Miskatonic University should have a place in the Monster Hunter Nation. What with the Old Ones and all that!

    Plus I could then use them in my fanfic!

  86. Definitely voting for Chesapeake!

  87. MHI- E.TN Zert

    non MHI Van Helsing.

  88. My vote is for the E.Tn patch!

  89. MHI Texas, FTW…

  90. I vote for ” In God We Trust All Others We Nuke”

  91. Z.E.R.T! Z.E.R.T.! Z.E.R.T.!

  92. Vote: Team Apex

  93. Just wanted to get a vote in for omaha stakes! Love it!

  94. Better you than me having to pick….. but I say.. for the MHI team
    **STICKS OF FIRE****

    and at least 6 of the other companys, Grim, GKET,White Eagles so many

  95. These are all great, but, in order:
    1. Team Kansas (got to love that flyin’ monkey reference)
    2. Omaha Stakes
    3. Texas Bullmen
    4. Team Frostbite

  96. Silver and Black MHI Texas is my choice.
    (Former Yankee)


  98. I vote for Celt Hunter.

    I mean you can just see them reaping a red swath of destruction through the zombie horde like Cuchulain or something!!!

    Poland is a close second ’cause of the polish winged cavalry.

  99. Royal Australian Anti Supernatural Creature Force

  100. MHI Texas! (silver and black longhorn with those sinister red eyes…)

  101. i voted for ohio tri-state supperrssors

  102. Definitely Team Frostbite for the local team, poland: white eagle contracting for international.

  103. Team Frostbite! Keeping our oil supply safe from shoggoths!

  104. Team Eire, with the shamrock eliminated for the sake of simplicity. Keeping our Guinness supply safe from shoggoths!

  105. Angels of Undeath! In green. Though Combat Librarians are a tempter–librarians represent!

  106. MHI Texas

  107. I probably like the first one most of all. Classy and it echoes the crossed cannons of Springfield Armory.
    2, 4 and 5 are awesome, too.

  108. Northern Sierras and Columbia River Gorge. The way out west has got to represent.

  109. voting for MHI Texas

  110. My vote is for the Korea patch.

  111. I vote for “Southern Vermont Stump Jumpers”

  112. I voted for:

    S3: Sinistral Security Solutions

  113. Voting for the Southern Vermont Stump Jumpers.

  114. My vote is for Southern Vermont Stump Jumpers!

  115. My vote is for the Southern Vemont Stump Jumpers.

  116. My vote:
    1st) Spork! I love the spork.
    2nd) Aussie Rocket Wombats, we need more Aussie hunters – look at all the nasty stuff they have down there!
    3rd) Celt Hunters. I have red hair m’kay? Redheads need MHI patches too.

  117. I have to vote for the DC Metro Maniacs. A buzzard clutching a Saiga and Kukri all the while masquerading as a govt agency, a necessary evil while in MCB’s hometown.

  118. Southern Vermont Stump Jumpers

  119. My vote is for Z.E.R.T. (Zombie Emergency Response Team)

  120. Loads o great patches! 🙂 I laughed so hard and I’m still chuckling over “Aussie Rocket Wombat” hehe, I had to Google what a wombat is!

  121. I have to vote for S.T.A.R.S. of Texas, since that’s our patch… but since we’re really more about the back story than the patch…

    the one I really like best is SCI… “When darkness falls, we were the ones who pushed it.”

  122. Mine first of course… Team Kansas

    Then SCI.

  123. Omaha Stakes has my vote!

  124. I vote Team Tahoe!

  125. My vote goes for Northern Sierra and my second choice would be Columbia River Gorge.

  126. Southern Vermont Stump Jumpers

  127. My vote is for the Southern Vermont Stump Jumpers.

  128. Since I am from the Sierras I need to vote for Northern Sierras.


  129. Hi Larry,

    Any word on when the winner(s) will be announced for this year’s Patch contest?


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