Because F*** Mongolia is why!

Heh… Remember when Bush used to get torn apart by the comedy writers and punditry for every tiny gaffe?

22 Responses

  1. I wonder if China is off-page and to the left, laughing their asses off…

  2. Holy crap, is that real? Assuming so, what an ass. No couth or social manners at all.

    He also looks like Alfred E. Neuman.

  3. Nothing like giving a diplomat a backhand on the international stage.

  4. Such a classy, classy man…

  5. Our Fearless Leader is a total diplomatic douche.

    Total segue:

    Do you watch South Park? There was an episode where the people asked the owner of Shitty Wok (“City Wok”), who was the only Chinese guy in town, to build a wall around South Park. But every time he built a wall, the Mongolians showed up to knock it down.

    “Got-dam Mongowians!! Quit tearing down my Shitty Wall!”

    It is my favorite episode. THAT is what your post heading made me think of. So yeah, the Chinese are standing off camera laguhing their butts off.


  7. I think the best part is the “you are such a f***ing dumbass” look coming from the guy in the red tie right behind him.

  8. Jeez Louise! It’s freaking amateur hour at the UN!

    What a joke, what a douche, what an embarrassment our man-child president is!

    I only hope our country can recover after his ass is booted out in 2012. There’s so much damage been done………………

  9. Somewhere Kanye West is saying…”what a jackass”

  10. On the bright side, be thankful we have the privilege of witnessing what happens when ‘Photo-op Man’ (Mercuric bringer of light and skittle-squirting unicorn rainbow stash) turns out to be not so photogenic…Or particularly approachable without fire hose sized airbrushes.

  11. I thought this might be something photoshopped so I went and googled it…tuns out it’s the real deal.

    Here’s to kicking him out next year.

  12. It should read “Because F*** Mongorreia is why!” πŸ˜‰

    2012 can’t come fast enough!!

  13. I want to know what the chosen one has against Mongolia. First he sends Lil Joey Biden there on a state trip. Now this.

  14. Dear lord, what a tool.

  15. I think it’s hilarious to watch the liberal media try to cover up Obama’s incompetence and stupidity. When we all know that if Obama were white they would have thrown him under the bus a long time ago.

  16. I’d ask if the POTUS was raised in a barn but I’ve met horses, dogs, cows and pigs with better sense than that.

  17. Dear world community,
    This was who you wanted as our President. Hope you’re happy.

  18. He really does look like Alfred E Newman in that pic.
    Take a look at the woman in the next to last row in back.
    She is giving him the same look my grade school teachers would give me when I would screw around in class.

    Speaking of class. WTF is with the Class picture style photograph? While the UN is very much like a group of 5th graders they actualy made a group of them stand like one for a group photo?

    I can imagine Hillary standing to the side with a tight smile on her face warning everybody to smile and behave OR ELSE vibe being given off.

  19. Without fail, some dumb ass kid always has to go and mess up the class photo.

  20. i am from Mongolia.. every 1 is knows this, and me too, so it1s not problem,

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