Here is a podcast interview with me  We had a lot of fun. These guys do a lot of gaming stuff, so I was able to bring out my inner geek. 🙂

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  1. Great interview Larry.

    Wish I could interview you on my show. If you can figger out how blowing up Monsters for fun and profit helps empower the blind community in Australia I am all ears.

    And I see a T-shirt. A picture of a woman in Flipflops, running screaming from a charging Moose. And it reads…

    YARDMOOSE: They sense weakness!!!

  2. Listening to the interview, I need to go back to the porcupine post and see how many it got.

    Bloody spiky tree rats.

  3. I can’t hear it. The entire show I downloaded sounds like a Peanuts teacher trumpet mute being played at the bottom of a mine shaft.

  4. Um.. new book deal?! Excellent! This – I want to know more!

  5. “What is the one thing that must be retained?” The answer:
    Larry must be paid.

    I hope Michael Bay makes the movie Monster Hunter International. It would be awesome if Bruce Campbell plays Owen.

    • No way. They have to get some one to play the part that fits the role
      Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson. for 2-3 reasons.

      1. Bruce is OLDer.
      2. Isnt capable of playing a former pit fighter.
      3. Isnt the right complexion
      4.. Auganahemna could then be played by the Rocks Father.
      5. watching Dwayne johnson get his a$$ kicked by a bunch of gnomes is 1000 times funnier.

      Bruce could AND SHOULD however play Earl.

    • Have Larry play it!…he’s big and ugly enough:) Just kiddin’ larry!

  6. Fun podcast. I was definitely jazzed about your descriptions of the upcoming post-apoc steampunk and the epic fantasy series. Between that and the African coup reality-show novel, you’ve got some exciting new stuff coming up.

    And the mention of doing your own b-movie sounds like fun. Would this be based off the already written b-movie script you have already written, Larry?

  7. It’s gonna be a long winter on the Correia Spread…

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