Who wants an autographed copy of Spellbound EARLY?

http://www.unclehugo.com/prod/ah-correia-larry.php  Uncle Hugo’s just received their boxes of Spellbound with the autographed tip in sheets. So you can snag one a month early, while supplies last. 🙂

In other news, I found out on FB this morning that Jim Butcher loved Monster Hunter International. That made my day. I think Butcher is a great writer, so to have the guy on top of urban fantasy like my urban fantasy is awesome. Kind of like how I felt a couple of weeks ago when Tracy Hickman, master of epic fantasy, loved Hard Magic. Now I just need to get Stephen Hunter to comment on Dead Six and I’ll have all my genres covered…

21 Responses

  1. Ok so I can expect a Larry and Jim novel soon right.

  2. Larry, I preordered both D6 and Spellbound and requested autographed copies early September, still waiting to see what happens. I hope the hardcover got the tip-in too… otherwise, I’m gonna have to wait ’til either you do another book signing in the Seattle area or I can get down your way.

    Don’t know if these helped your “Day One” stats, but I tried…:)

  3. So if I order this now will it ship immediately?

    • You would have to ask them. I don’t know how many they have left over, or how long it will take to ship the ones that were already ordered.

  4. I’d probably love an early copy of Grimnoir book 2 but the problem is once I finish that there won’t be any new Larry Correia books to look forward to for quite a while. You’ve just really spoiled us this year Larry, the wait for more is going to be tough.

  5. After Spellbound, what’s the next one for us to look forward to and when should we be looking for it?

  6. First step gain friendship of Butcher. second step write a book in which Dresden and Pitt go kill an evil god

    • Dresden and Pitt kill an evil god. But before they team up they duke it out, thinking the other to be a villain of sorts. Cha-ching!

  7. I would think any crossover would be remiss without a catfight between Julie Shackleford and Karrin Murphy and some witty repartee betwixt (haha, sorry, betwixt…what was I thinking?) Owen and Harry.

  8. Well, it they put the combat-wombat in it, t’will be the grossest.

  9. well the combat wombat is a viable option since i think it’s pretty clear Dresden and MHI don’t exist in the same universe

  10. Shoot we could make it a Tom Stranger mega crossover. Tom as the main hero, but featuring Owen, Jake Sullivan, Lorenzo & Valentine…hell yes.

  11. I just read alpha…and I was kinda disapointed…I’m sorry, but the flashbacks and pulling a reader back and forth..is not what I was expecting.

  12. just finished dead six. awesome read. i now have read all 3 MHI books hard magic and dead six what else do you have out there? between you Butcher and SM Stirling you all are my trifecta of fantasy/scifi

  13. Got my copies of Spellbound and Dead Six on Friday. I no more that took the books out of the packaging and my 13 year old swoops in and snatches Spellbound. I saw a brief glimpse of him as he disappeared into his room. There were some unsubstantiated sightings during the weekend and food was mysteriously disappearing. I just hope he puts the book down long enough to go to school today.

    • He probably took the book to school and proceeded to read straight through his classes 😛 That what I used to do

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