The Grimnoir Chronicles: Spellbound eBook is out now  Available for download now. $6.  No DRM. Available for Kindles, Nooks, or whatever format you want.

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  1. Hi, Larry! Is it better for your #’s if we wait until 11/1 (hardcover release date) to purchase the ebook?

    I can exercise self-discipline, if it is in a good cause. 🙂

  2. Thanks! I just went over and bought, through the link you gave. Appreciate the heads up.

  3. Does purchasing your book in audio format via count towards your rankins?

    And would you be aware if Spellbound is coming out in an audio format? Audible has no info on it. 😦

  4. Thanks, if it is 1/2 as good as previous one in the series then it will be a major treat.

  5. Already bought it a few days ago!

  6. curse you Larry just before heading to bed and well now I’m going to have to start reading it and I have to get up in 6 hours lol

  7. Larry,

    I’m about 1/2 of the way through it…you’ve done it AGAIN! I’m enjoying it very much and it’s clear you’re only getting better with each book.

    Keep writing ’em and I’ll keep buying ’em!

  8. Will you be doing any bookstore visits on this one

  9. No real spoilers, but if you like to read everything first in the book, don’t read my comment.

    Finished it. Excellent, really liked it. I especially liked the new guy, Toru. I mean the guy is a tough as nails, Proud Warrior Race Guy/Deadpan Snarker with superpowers. He had me laughing aloud at points. I love all the historical nods and the using of actual people in new and different ways.

    For example, a young Lieutenant Heinlein is the radio operator onboard USS Lexington, which is not a ship but a freaking airship with both planes and guns….and it is awesome. Or Raymond Chandler as a supporting character for Francis.

    All in all, awesome work, really looking forward to the next one, but not as much as I’m looking forward to MH: Legion.

  10. Bought it. Read it. More awesome than usual. I love this universe. How many more GC books will there be?

  11. Started Spellbound; I’m really really trying to take my time with it, but it’s so darned hard not to just devour it in a single sitting. Great stuff!

  12. As of last Friday evening In the Communist state of Maryland Bel Air and White Marsh Mall BOTH were sold out Spellbound.
    congratulations. Now whip the yard moose into shape and tell him to deliver more.

  13. Started it last night and loving it. It’ll be interesting to see how you tie the seperate story threads together.

  14. I finished it last night and it blew me away. The battle with the BIG (and I do mean BIG) bad near the end was nothing short of amazing. Loved the homages to the classic monster movies of the past.

  15. Best book from you this year (and I’ve read all of them).

  16. When will Spellbound be available at

  17. Will an audio version of Spellbound be released?

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