Monster Hunter Legion cover art

Coming September 2012

cover art by Alan Pollack

94 Responses

  1. Dragons?! You didn’t nothing about no effing dragons!

  2. Looks a bit sedate. Can’t we get a little action into it? *g*

  3. SEPTEMBER ???!!!!! When is the eARC available. I CAN’T WAIT A WHOLE YEAR!!

  4. Easily the best cover art you’ve had yet.

    • Larry’s cover artist must really love him. I can imagine the conversation now…

      “So I want Owen hanging out the side of plane with a gun!”
      “Oh sure no prob–”
      “And I want the plane to be flying over Las Vegas!”
      “Well that shouldn’t be too diff–”
      “And I want there to be a freaking dragon!”
      “Umm alright, a dragon, why n–”
      “Breathing fire! The dragon has to be breathing fire!”
      “ alri–”
      “And Julie’s gotta be there! With this really awesomely tight body armor!”
      “Nah, that’s a little much don’t ya think?”


      • lol

      • LOL i love it. : )

      • 0.o wow…. Dragons… really Why dragons

      • in a world with elves, orcs, gnomes, and trolls, you are shocked to see a dragon… why? πŸ™‚

      • Er, no dragons because very, very large reptiles are a bit harder to disguise than orcs and gnomes seem to be? Because all fantasy readers know that dragons are on the good side? (OK, except for Smaug, but still.) Because CERN has not produced dragons yet like they said they might?

      • Earl did mention that his that the gustav would put down anything shrot of a dragon in Alpha. Quite the foreshadowing there Larry

  5. ‘Tis a thing of beauty.

  6. One word: wow! If it’s as awesome as Monster Hunter Alpha was, I can hardly wait. Thank you!

    Question: did you ever get the picture I sent of my brother’s rail speeder with the MHI badge/medallion he made and bolted to the front? You should have access to my email address in this post. Thank you.

  7. Hope Milo has a couple of Phoenix missiles and a way to deploy them.

  8. Oh. My. Cthulhu. This is the most purely pulp cover in the history of books. And I freaking love it. I want freaking MHI cover posters for my room. This just blows me away…

  9. the case of the dragon I think you’d almost have to pull a government oops and nuke it from orbit…

  10. Thanks for the idea for a Halloween costume for my wife…

  11. We’re gonna need a bigger boat….

  12. Is all MHI armor for women like this, do the guys have cod pieces?;)
    Not complaining!

  13. Dayum!

  14. I think it’s about time Owen got himself an automatic 50 mike mike.

  15. If you want some ideas for some really mean guns watch Sons of Guns for “research”. They make some wicked machinery…did I say machinery…I meant art.

  16. I wonder how much Puff does the primary get for taking out a dragon?

  17. As much as I hate to toss logic and reason into it, doesn’t that much cleveage defeat the purpose of body armor?

    • In the actual books, the armor is bulky and covers pretty much everything… However, the purpose of a book cover is too look awesome and make people pick it up at bookstores long enough to read the back cover. πŸ™‚

      • Dang it, why didn’t he stick with the armor from the first two covers? That was perfect already! Though I have to admit, she does have the immortal guardian thing going and could probably hunt werewolf’s in her nightgown and walk away with nothing more than a little extra body art.

        Just don’t put any other characters in horrendously impractical outfits and we’ll still forgive you lol. Anything coming out before this one? I don’t know if I’ll make it too september without another literary fix.

    • I definitely agree with you there. Plus, the armor, according to the books, has a neck guard to protect against bites. Her arms are way to exposed as well. Artistic license…

  18. Does that much cleavage count as artistic licentious? (spelling and pun deliberate)

  19. Larry,

    Dude you can’t just throw that out there like that. It ain’t fair!

  20. AW DAYUM! Can’t wait ’til September!

  21. This looks like a job for superma–or a cruise missile, I guess that works too. lol

  22. Julie’s armor appears to offer incomplete chest protection. But damn she is hot. πŸ™‚

  23. Nice work–Alan even got it to mostly look like a disarmed Hind would… Guys, that’s no plane, just a Commie-surplus attack helicopter with real big stub-wings. Larry, you got email on patches and a PM at THR…

    • I was wondering about that, the geometries didn’t seem quite right for an airplane

      • I actually have a 1/48 Hind on the workbench, and it looks like he even got the integral step on the lower door and the door actuator close enough to tell what’s what.

        If only we could get Alan to “paint” the MHI colors on some Mi-24 technical diagrams… and I’ve seen some interesting sharkmouth Hinds in my research on the model.

        I wonder, does Skippy wear night-vision goggles? NVG-ized Hinds typically have their cockpit interiors repainted black instead of that weird Commie blue-green.

      • The hind was painted up to look like an air ambulance, so it draws almost zero attention.

  24. Many people just jizzed in their pants.

    Looks amazing, can’t wait!

    You’ve done it again, Mr. Correia!

  25. That’s awesome.

    Since we have to wait until September for this one, is there anything else coming up before MHL’s release date, such as Warbound?

  26. Larry,

    That reminds me. I’m planning on doing a short review of the first 3 books in the MHI series later this week as part of the “zombie week” I’m running at my Michigan Firearms Examiner column.

    Do you have cover art images from the first three books I can use? Also, a pic of the MHI patch would be great. (I can’t find my actual patch to take a pic).

    If you have a link to the cover art of those books I can download and use, that would be great. Just want to make sure I have permission as well.

    Rob Reed

  27. SEPTEMBER 2012… Larry your killing me! Come on my Birthday is in December… Why couldn’t you have this out by say oh I don’t know CHRISTMAS THIS YEAR… OK I will settle for Valentine’s Day 2012… Then my loving husband would know what to get for me… OK How about maybe try to push it and have it out for early July of next year? Then he could get it for me for our Anniversary. =} Just a thought. I am not sure I can handle Waiting an entire YEAR!

  28. Awesome. Less than a year until my next MH fix.

    .50 with armor piercing rounds?

  29. Well, just kick it up a few notches why don’t you?!

    And for those of you who need more of Larry’s ‘Liti-Crack’ his new Grimnoir Chronicle Book “Spellbound” and “Dead Six” are out in stores now! Buy them up cause they won’t last at these prices!

    Not all books will be in Hardbound and or signed copy. Not responsible for ‘Liti-Crack’ addiction, cravings for more ‘Liti-Crack’, or it’s derivatives, Larry Correia, his writings, musings, appearance, breathings, bodily leavings, glares, delights, sadness, tears, drama and awesomeness are trademarked, copyrighted, and cast in eternally bound foreverness for all time and perpetuity. Et Al.

  30. Eh I can’t imagine julie ever being dumb enough to wear something like that nor did I ever imagine her that busty. I honestly don’t think it looks that good as far as cover art goes. Nothing against you Larry but i think this is a step back as things go.

    • It’s the insidious Chris Muir influence…

    • I have to agree. One of the reasons I actually gave MHI a try was the cover. It reminded me of an old Pulp novel. Yet it was conservative and only hinted at at the danger and other things.

      This cover, in my opinion, screams “cheap and shallow.” I’ll still buy it either way. I just don’t think it will do anything to bring in readers that aren’t already in to the series. I think they will probably be kept away by the cover.

  31. Gunner – heat – dragon in the open!

  32. I agree with Jeremy, Julie would not be this busty nor would she wear this outfit open for a neck shot. I realize the poetic license though, Busty Shots sells books.

    Perhaps not you can get back to the third book in the Grimnoir Series. Really looking forward to that. But also looking for this next installment as well. Gunner – heat dragon indeed. (Old Fifth Cav)

  33. What’s with that ugly star burst in the middle of the cover? I can’t see the whole dragon! They should get rid of that thing. πŸ˜‰

    -Mr. White

  34. Please, that armor fits totally inside the MHI mythos. You guys seem to forget the key rule of fantasy armor: The less it covers, the better it is. Thus, since Julie has been upgraded from mere mortal, here armor needed an upgrade as well. A couple more books bouts with ultimate evil and she’ll be rocking a leather thong and a 240 Bravo with a sniper scope on it.

  35. Great cover. I’m thinking demon, not dragon. In reference to the 3 earlier comments about ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’, wasn’t that a DC-3 with miniguns used in Vietnam?

    • Yes it was but I believe that nickname also applies to all DC-3’s that have been heavily armed. They were used in the first Gulf War too.

  36. Awesome cover…but the truth is, I’d buy Larry’s books if the cover just had the title and author printed in black on a plain white cover. πŸ™‚

  37. Julie would NOT expose that much cleavage to all that hot brass flying around! Any shooter knows that!

  38. Dammit Larry, why so long? 😦

    I hope there’s a Grimnoir Chronicles novel coming out between now and then to keep us ticking over!

  39. I see it now…

    Earl walks in to the room where the team is waiting with a determined look on his face, and says “Ladies and gentlemen, mount up we’re about to P.U.F.F. the magic dragon!”

    • just to be clear. i imagine Earl wouldn’t be aware of that phrase as a drug or pop-culture reference.

    • You have no idea how close you just came to something that is actually said in the book. πŸ™‚ (though not by Earl)

    • Larry, I’m pretty sure we all saw that one coming, though I expect it’s either Trip or Pitt, that says “Did we just PUFF the Magic Dragon?”

      • note: you should still totally use it. It’s priceless.

      • I quite agree. I’m *still* trying to recover from the “werewolf smoothie” in MHA. I can’t even look at a smoothie without giggling these days, and it’s been months since I read the book.

  40. Words cannot express how cool this is. Will Monster Hunter Van Zant jump into it’s mouth with an axe?

  41. So wouldn’t the gun that Burt has in Tremors 2 (the rifle that shoots through the monster, two brick walls, and a pickup) be useful right about then?

  42. Larry, I must say that what Julie is wearing is little more than a Bustier with shoulder pads….nicely done my man! Kudos for marketing super genious! Sell sell sell! =D

  43. I am jealous of Julie’s tactical corset, and am now considering how to make one of my own.

  44. The new Monster Hunter cover is fabulous! Woo hoo!

  45. The demon looks phenomenal. Julie’s outfit is a bit over done but enjoyable none the less. I’m more irate that Owen is attacking a demon with a hammer drill, instead of say a mounted and belt fed FN MAG 6030.

  46. Book looks brilliant. Shame we’ll have to wait. Between this and Β£va 3.0, 2012 looks to be one hell of a year for epic series.

    Little offtopic question – what became of the “Hold the Pig Steady” project?

  47. I think that MHI and The Grimnoir Chronicles would make fantastic comic/graphic novels. Either brand new stories or serialized versions of the exsisting novels.

  48. Am I the only one that hates this cover?! It looks nothing like the previous, which were brilliant. Yes Julie is hot, but I don’t like it.

  49. Gotta say LOVE the MHI and Dead Six books, Keep up the good work and I can’t wait for Legion!!

  50. Dragons? I’m thinking they have human, or smaller different forms. Only way to ensure why people dont see them much.

    Tiny Colony in China? Barriered Forbidden Land? Europe is too small to have an undisturbed, unwatched, patch of land.

  51. I love the chick on the front. She’s all, holy freaking crap, you kidding me?! Of course, I wonder how the Kevlar works with that buxom wench laceup blouse thingie she’s wearing. πŸ™‚

  52. I’m looking forward to this big time!

  53. Man, the Dragonborn dosn’t have anything on Owen.

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