Minimum Wage Historian

Here is a cool page by a friend of mine that I’ve been meaning to link to.  For a great example of this page, check out Empire Fail: Why did Rome Fall 

The parrallels are pretty awesome.

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  1. -Anna-
    We can get into education, economics and military prowess, but I believe we are out of time. That’s what this blinking red light means, right.
    Crap. How long has that been on?
    A while now.


  2. Great blog! Thanks for posting the link. I subscribed to it, because it looks really interesting and I love history.

  3. Larry, you might enjoy the post on Sekigahara! If you’re into the samurai thing that is.

  4. The ‘Roman’ simply ceased to exist. Those short, surly faced, bad-intentioned, single focus creatures disappeared as the Empire grew and families of Roman blood could not produce enough off-spring to deal with it as it could during the Republic and a short time later. One could easily believe they were aliens ( NOT the illegal type ) the way they could field another force of legions after a disaster
    ( read Cannae, Trasimene et al ) that would have crushed any other society.
    So Roman blood was thinned. And as it was thinned so was the single purpose that maintained greatness.
    Remember….Alaric was a ‘Roman’ General.
    Basically the Empire died because of societal-suicide via lack of population growth.
    This is what troubles me most about the U.S. Where long ago families produced multiple off-spring. I believe today the ration is 1.9 or 2. That means no growth in the population. It is static and stagnant. The largest ratio of off-spring ( I believe it is 4. + ) can be found in the Middle East. Guess where the extra kids are being sent……

  5. I love the way Zach is running this blog. MWH is one of my favorite blogs to read these days. I check it every day to see what new and wacky history stuff Zach’s decided to write about next.

    Keep up the good work, Zach.

  6. Sweet- another great history nerd site to read!

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