My Geeky Hobbies: Skorne Army

Because I hit my writing quota for the week, I got to treat myself. So last night I painted minis while streaming Monster Quest on Netflix. It doesn’t take a whole lot to make me happy.

I still need to do the bases. I think these guys need some severed heads or something.

Hakaar and friends

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  1. You should post this on the Privateer Press forums.

  2. Holy cow, Larry, these are great!

    Seriously, the gang at the Privateer forums will love them.

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  4. Doing a quick scan of PP forums….

    Dude, post these. You’ll stack up just fine


  5. I actually have some Khador in a very similar color scheme, but I get bored with painting too easily. Its only about 3 models that are finished.

    I don’t know how much you have wandered around the PP forums but the painting/crafting sections are usually very supportive and all about constructive criticism.

    The tactics sections are where you might get people asking you what the hell were you thinking and telling you your list is garbage.

    • Since I bought my army entirely based upon what A. Looked cool. B. was on sale, I’m not posting in tactics. 🙂

  6. Hakaar is a certified horror in combat. I hope you have a bunch of Praetorians around to feed him the souls he needs. Work your way up to about a 50pt Zaal tier list and you’ll have all kinds of fun. Hakaar plus four Ancestral Guardians and a Kovass on the table at turn one with Zaal feeding fury into the AG’s is a hoot. Animated statues powered by the souls of any of your samurai vamprie elves that the enemy manages to kill is full of win. Plus you can have some giant four-armed elephant monsters along for good measure.

  7. Great looking stuff. I play Circle Orboros although my area is so rural that there aren’t actually any other players within 2 hours of me. I hope to teach my wife soon.

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