Picture Time Fun, MHI tattoos, grips, D6 art, and my best mini yet

First up, an MHI tattoo that was recently posted to Facebook.

Personally, I’m not a tat guy myself, but that is freaking sweet. ๐Ÿ™‚

Next, here are some custom MHI grips for a 1911. He sent a PDF to Alumagrips and they engraved these for him. The other side of the grip is the Crusader logo. Crusader is an awesome custom shop run by my friends Joe Chetwood and George Hill. http://crusaderweaponry.com/ย 

People always ask me about using my logo on stuff. My answer is always the same. A. If it is for personal use (i.e. you’re not doing it to make money off of my stuff) go for it. B. You send me a picture to put on the blog.ย 

Up next, my latest mini. As usual my iPhone camera work sucks, but even then you can tell this dude looks awesome. I’m actually getting decent at this hobby. Lots of shading, much of which looks pretty good. Even the dusting of snow on the base came out pretty cool. (that’s baking soda) The fact that he actually looks a lot like me is purely coincidental. Though I do totally look like that with my shirt off.

Okay, maybe not. But at least the male pattern baldness hairstyle is 100% accurate.

Here are a few pics that I got from Zackย at Minimum Wage Historian. http://minimumwagehistorian.wordpress.com/ย (which is my favorite history geek website, this week features him interviewing Tomoe Gozen, 12th century samurai badass chick). These are characters from my and Mike Kupari’s novel, Dead Six.




And speaking of Mike, here he is winning the internet in Afghanistan. That is the most crap I’ve ever seen stuck onto a gun, and therefore is totally awesome. (the one that looks like a TV is a super EoTEch that normally goes on the M2) Mike will be home in a few weeks.ย  Then we will do his first book signing, and as many of you as possible need to come to make it extra good.

25 Responses

  1. Utah in the winter time, Hmmmmm. May have to wait for another signing to make it. That or get him out of the apartment long enough to meet up for Chinese food next time we swing through SLC.

  2. Balls!! beaten to the punch! been waiting for my tatt to heal before posting it!!

  3. I have to say you do a great job on your minis. I have painted and scratch builded minis for almost ten years now. But your painting blows mine out of the water.

  4. That pickatinny overload is hilarious. As long as some geardo doesn’t think it’s a challenge …

    • It is only a matter of time before somebody posts that to a gun forum talking about what Real Operators use. ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Mike’s AR does indeed have quite a bit of stuff on it, but he has only one bipod, no foregrips, and I doubt he has any tactical treats in the stock!!

  6. … That is a lot of crap on a gun. That can’t be comfortable holding that up like that.

    How’s his pan and zoom? ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. When might Spellbound get released on Audible.com

  8. That’s the kind of EOTech I could get into..I had ten minutes of flame on ar15.com when I posted pics of my crowbar mounted to my rail and then mounted a red dot to it and a 3-9X40 scope to a pineapple grenade. Those things are potentially covered with Weaver rails. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Those be my grips ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I don’t see a Magpul AFG on it anywhere! It’s just not tactical enough for me. Now I want a 1911 just so I can get cool grips, but I’d want Grimnoir grips instead.

  11. I knew fighters have gun cameras, but I thought they were airplanes.

  12. Maybe if you two did a signing tour and came to Texas…

  13. That mini is amazing. Anybody who whines about it being a Mary Sue needs an MHI logo punched into their forehead.

    Hmmm… an MHI signet ring. That’d be perfect for signing checks and leaving little reminders around town for the monsters that they’re being watched.

  14. Love the books.
    (sarc) Hate you for being the writer I can’t be.(/sarc)
    Seriously, I thought to drop a line about Oleg Volk over at:
    using an “MHI” patch in his photos. My favorite new writer and another blogger who has lived the socialist dream (tongue in cheek) on the same day.

  15. Make sure to tell us when and where for that signing.

  16. Someone’s probably said this already, but when MHI is made into a movie series Agent Franks simply MUST be played by Adam Baldwin.

    • Now THERE’S an interesting thought–has a proposed cast for an MHI movie trilogy been posted yet?

      Maybe that would be a good thread for Larry to start with his proposed cast, then others making suggestions.

      Maybe Jason Statham could play Earl, if he can do a convincing Southern accent. Yvonne Strahovski could play Holly.

      I think John Cena could play a convincing Franks, especially since all he has to do is look menacing and deliver very few lines.

      If Adam Baldwin were bigger, I think he’d make a good Owen.

  17. For some reason whenever I read Agent Franks speaking, I hear it in Patrick Warburton’s voice.

  18. Larry, I drew you some fanart:

  19. So, where can I pick up a set of those 1911 grips with the MHI logo on it. Sounds like another item you should be selling, I’ll buy!

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