Book Bomb Tomorrow

I should have posted this sooner, but 1. New Kid. 2. Past Deadline. 3. Audit Season.

Head’s up everyone. I would like to do another book bomb. This time for my friend Paul Genesse and his new release. I will put up the post tomorrow.

Paul is a great writer and all around good dude. He has an epic fantasy series that I have been recommending for years. Sadly, he wrote the first two books and then his publishing house fell apart. (when I talk about the dangers of signing with a small press, I’m thinking about Paul).

So here Paul was with an awesome series, two books in, and fans waiting for the third one. It didn’t matter how good the books were, no publishing house was going to come along and buy a series that had already been started by somebody else. So he was basically screwed.

But with the eBook revolution, Paul can now do it himself. Now that the rights have reverted to him, he can rerelease all 3 books on eBooks himself. Which is sweet for those of us who have been waiting to finish the series, and good news for the rest of you who haven’t started it yet.

More details to come tomorrow.

9 Responses

  1. I will definitely pick these up tomorrow. I’m all about supporting indy talent. 🙂

  2. Larry,

    Can we do a double book bomb to celebrate Mike making back ok?


  3. Added to the wish list. Just tweet when the bomb starts!

  4. So is there a reason you do the links indirectly like that instead of like this?

    • Because for whatever reason, my computer or my browser, and the way they interact with WordPress, I simply can’t. I’ve spent a lot of time trying, and I’ve all sorts of helpful suggestions from many of you you computerliterate people that just never work. After several infuriating hours of dinking around with it I just gave up and paste in the gigantic ugly links to my Amazon affiliate

      • Meh
        Once spent twenty writing a post to Larry expaining the link thing was happening because the img src tag isn’t appearing when he put in the link ……… then wordpress nuked the post cause it contained active code, then I went and had a huff.

        Larry – If all you are doing is pasting big ugly code try this;
        Open link above in a new tab/page, this leads to the picture for me.
        Right click on the page and select view source.
        Copy everything between the body tags but not the body tags themselves
        Paste that big ugly bit of code.
        Works for me in IE on Windows
        Ok – I lose the black border!

        More onto the main topic, turns out these books are available on the UK site and its 3 pm here (9am ish Larry time I think) has this bomb started yet?

  5. Looks like a great series – I’ll pick up all three books tomorrow. Just give the word when the book bomb blows! 🙂

  6. Is it bad that I actually HAVE a Kindle and I still grumble about eBooks?

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