Chroniques Du Grimnoir: Magie Brute

Here is the cover for the French translation of Hard Magic. I think it looks great.

Cover by award winning artist Vincent Chong


34 Responses

  1. Odd. I don’t remember gatling gun from the first novel? I remember modified BAR, but not gat. But Faye looks fine.

  2. That’s actually a much better cover, IMO. I think you should try to get that on any reprintings in the future

  3. I think the American cover was better there were no minigun in that period.

  4. I forgot the French don’t know too much about weapons except how to drop the when the Germans invade,

  5. Edit it to have a BAR otherwise perfect

  6. Love the cover, except for the Gatling gun. A custom BAR or Tommy gun would be more appropriate.
    But never the less Larry your kicking butt in France.

  7. At least it wasn’t a chauchat…

  8. Other than the obvious (minigun) I’m really digging this cover. It’s got the pulpy feel to it. Although the pulp is more 1950’s alien invasion flick than it is 1930’s detective flick. And I don’t like the font for “Magie Brute” but this cover definitely has appeal.

    The thing I’m trying to figure out is, how the hell does it look so similar to my fan cover for Warbound? Not spot on mind you, but very dang close in terms of layout and presentation. Certainly more refined.

    And then of course comes the question: Can the French even read a book about butt kicking and guns without dropping it and running in surrender? 😛

  9. What are you all complaining about? once we get power armor and exoskelletons, we’ll have Heinlien’s MI. And probably be carrying gatling guns or rail guns, and small nuclear weapons as tactical devices.
    How cool is that?

    Besides, French weapons, dropped twice, never fired. I shouldn’t rag on the French, my Scots, German and American ancestors and cousins have been all over France and the low countries during wars for the last 400 years, they are all my cousins, really.
    So if I dork a French girl, she’s like a 10th cousin, so it’s ok. No worries.
    If you have the same ancestry, they are your cousins too. So be kinda nice. Why do you think French girls in Alsace look good? They have German ancestors ….

    • Electical guns.
      That’s the only way to really do it.
      the armor could have a built in catacitor and an engine that converts force into energy.
      How hot would that be?
      would look like a wrapped up engine coil on steroids…just..
      in gold…

  10. Larry I never realized how much i wanted Jake to wield a minigun until now. can you give him one in the next book? i mean you’ve already worked in bull pulp rifles.

  11. Very cool. I echo the sentiments that this one is better than the US cover.

  12. I think the biggest issue with the minigun is that you’ve got a reputation as an author who “gets guns right”. And then there’s this, which is completely borked.

    I’d ask ’em to change it to something “period”, if it’s not too late.

  13. I like this one much better, too. (Aside from the weapon inaccuracy.) It has a much better “feel” of the period overall, and MUCH MUCH MORE ACCURATE in styling – clothes and hair, in particular. That IS an area of expertise for me, and it has always really bothered me about the original. You worked so hard to get lots of details period-accurate, and then the cover looked like any other pseudo-vintage illustration: Stick a hat on a model with modern “sexy” clothes and hair and call it vintage. But Faye on this one is near perfect, and that’s even harder to do for non-glamorous looks.

  14. Is there a Tactical Wheelbarrow at the end of the miniguns feed?

  15. I like that cover a lot more, it is bad ass.

    I say keep the mini gun the cover is to draw buyers, and it just looks cool

  16. So my first reaction was ‘Who’s Maggie Brute?’ followed by ‘that would be a cool name for a character’, before I realized it was the French cover and that there was only one g. =)

    It’s an awesome cover. I particularly like the airship in the background, and I echo the comment above that Faye is just perfect.

  17. I’d reiterate what everyone said, the cover looks perfect except the minigun, the details are great, clothing done well, blimp in the background, Faye’s done really well. To be honest I was always dissapointed by the US covers of these two novels.

  18. Larry,

    That is still a great cover even with the minigun. Am eager for the next one in the series have loved them both as well as the MHI series.

  19. I like the cover, minigun and french aside. The Peace Ray hitting the city in the background is a nice touch. Any chance that we can order an english version of this to replace the old book covers?

  20. I like the minigun, even though it technically shouldn’t be there.

    The cover looks totally badass – although I might have picked a different font. Then again, I suppose that’s another allusion to the period.

  21. Awesome. French is rather appropriate, considering the noir feel of the series.

  22. I like it a lot, but the minigun detracts quite a bit. Tommy gun would be badass as I think most readers that aren’t shooters or history buffs will know what a BAR looks like.

  23. Can’t wait for the next book!!

  24. Any chance of getting something like this as a print to frame and hang on the wall? I love it and I have just the spot in my house where it needs to hang.

  25. Now THAT’S a cover!


  26. So Larry — care to tell us how the publisher/artist process works, so we know how the hell one of your characters ends up with a minigun instead of something vaguely accurate?

    I am amazed at how many cover artists seem to have never even read a synopsis of the book in question.

  27. Not a Tommy gun, the Lewis gun would have looked better.

    A with the big fat cooling sleeve, and the fat horizontal ammo can held in one hand, ( and LMG in ONE HAND) it would have wild.

  28. I wonder if I can get that on

    I’m curious how it translates, wouldn’t mind reading it.

  29. Love it! Has a comic book feel to it.

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