Mark your calenders for the next BOOK BOMB, Partials

This Thursday, March 1st will be my next book bomb. We will be hitting PARTIALS by Dan Wells hard during his release week.

More details to come. I’ve started Partials but haven’t finished it yet. (but only because because I’m editing MHL and you guys will murder my face off if I don’t have it done on time) 🙂   So far, it is awesome.

4 Responses

  1. Ironically I just started reading this last night. Definitely enjoying it so far! When the author of I Am Not A Serial Killer starts a new series you’d be best to take notice.

  2. […] rare Sunday off, so I’ll be writing today. Then eating. Then writing some more. Also, Larry is promoting another book bomb (why he doesn’t book bomb me is beyond me — but then again, I haven’t written a […]

  3. Dan Wells used to write Rifts fanfic, and then used some of it for Partials. I’m enough of a role-playing nerd geek that I would buy Partials for that alone.

  4. There is a review for Partials up on Elitist right now if anyone needs help with more convincing.

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