A caricature of me by Howard Tayler

Howard Tayler of www.schlockmercenary.com came to the Writer Nerd Game Night that was held at the SLC Nerd Show and drew pictures of us all.  If you’ve read any of the Friday serial fictions I’ve been posting, you will probably recognize this guy.

6 Responses

  1. That’s the Portuguese Care Bear, right?

  2. Priceless Richard.. just priceless! LOL

  3. I’m almost afraid to ask, but what’s the red stuff on the drawing?

  4. If you ever do a kids’ book, can you see if you can get Howard to illustrate it? I’d buy that for my grandkids in a heartbeat.

    “Pawpaw, what is that girl doing to that big dog?”
    “She’s, ah, giving him a bath.”
    “Oh. What does VEPR mean?”
    “It means she’s giving him a really good bath.”

  5. I recognize him. He’s the Iron Guard from Spellbound.

    He reminds me of Jake. And Francis’s accountant.

    And Brad, er, Owen Pitt.

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