A link for buying GI Joe comics with me in them

I was asked where to get copies of the new issue of GI Joe with me in it.

This is my Amazon affiliates link. Anything you buy from Amazon through this link gives me a percentage, so I extra win. 🙂 But then again, you know us accountants. Always thinking…


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  1. […] Blog Title Home About Me Contact RSS Login << How do you stop a Libertarian from being politically active? | Home So, Larry Correia is now a character in GI Joe How [bleeping] cool is THAT? […]

  2. And I just checked Amazon: it’s listed as “Currently unavailable.
    We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock.”


  3. Sold out already?

  4. Maybe we need a term for when one of Correia’s book bombs wipes out the supply of an item: Correialanche? Larrycide – or is that for when a troll takes on the Monster Hunter?

  5. I’m going to the comic book store tomorrow!

  6. I’ll call the Dragon Keep in Provo tomorrow and see if they have it, because Amazon says it’s out.

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