My Geeky Hobbies 4

I started painting minis last year. This link is to my first ones: 

I’ve gotten a bit better. These photos were just taken on my desk using my iPhone, which makes them kind of grainy. I really need to build a light box.

These are from various companies, mostly from Valiant, and all of them are for my Legend of the Five Rings campaigns. Painting minis is what I need to do when I need to just unwind my brain.

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  1. These are really good Larry. Well done. BTW, I love the whole L5R RPG storyline you’re doing. I used to play L5R a lot and reading your story makes me want to play again

  2. Totally OT, but I just finished the E-arc of Dead Six. Bloody nice work, I must say. And very different from both Monster Hunters and the Grim Noir.

  3. I tried to get into that when I was a kid, I never had the patience for it, plus my hands were too awkward for the fine detail, but seeing those makes me want to get back into it.

  4. I paint minis too. I mostly do Warhammer (fantasy and 40k) and a little Wyrd games on the side. What techniques do you use? What colour do you undercoat with/ do you dry brush or use washes etc?
    I love the hobby, very relaxing and rewarding.

    • I don’t know if what I do ranks high enough to be termed “technique”. 🙂
      I prime with black or white, or sometimes mix the two to make grey. Lately I’ve been having fun with white prime, then a quick thin coat of black to darken the lines and low spots. I don’t spray prime, since I haven’t had good luck with it. (half the year is too cold for that here anyway, which is annoying, and makes it all clumpy) I don’t really dry brush much, but mix the base coat with white for the high spots, then more white a little higher, etc. I do use washes, flesh, brown, and black.

  5. BTW: Love the basing. I’m gonna have to steal that tree idea.

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